Friday, October 5, 2012

Sister Bullock's Temple Square Experience Oct 5, 2012

Here is the latest from Sister Bullock!


So many things to write to you about!! So little time!

First of all, last Friday, we had In-field orientation! It was so much fun and so great! It really got me excited and super nervous about actually going out into the field! That same day, I received my travel plans! I leave the MTC this Sunday night! I get to watch all of conference and then fly out to DC!! I'm so super excited! I've also been assigned as Travel Leader which means I'm responsible for everyone in my group! There are 5 of us flying to DC at the same time!! (So happy I'm not alone!) There is another Sister who will be in the VC with me, and then 3 Elders!

Speaking of Elders, mine left me back on Tuesday :( It was so sad and a lot harder to say good bye than any of us had imagined. But we Sisters were comforted by that fact that Michigan is where they are supposed to be right now. They need to be out, teaching Gods children and bringing them closer to their Savior. Not here at the MTC having fun with us haha. I'm so proud of all of them! The Sunday before they left, we all (all the sisters and a few of the Elders) received priesthood blessings. Can I please just tell you how much I truly love and appreciate the priesthood and worthy priesthood holders. The power is great and I know that the words that are spoken during a priesthood blessing truly are the words of God. The things that He would be saying if He were there. So amazing! So yeah! I love my Elders and I miss them, but I'm so happy and excited for them!

Also, I just want to say really fast that I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. He wants to bless us- in fact, He is anxiously waiting to bless us. All we have to do is pray to Him and make the desires of our hearts known. We have to take that step of faith and pray to Him and ask Him to help us. It is truly amazing.

Temple Square Salt Lake City UT

So Wednesday, we went up to Temple Square and took a tour and saw how the Sisters there worked. Then we came back and had our first class. Then TRC (it's weird for VC training), then we learned how to teach through the chat feature. If you go to, there is a pink button that says "talk to us". If you press it, missionaries or RM's will chat with you about the gospel!! Coolest thing ever! Also cool about chat? It's the highest baptizing mission. It just passed up Salt Lake last month! Other cool thing about chat? You know how one of the signs of the Second Coming is that the gospel will be in every country? Well, because of chat, the gospel IS in every country! SO AWESOME! So Thursday morning, we were able to actually go online and chat with people! Coolest thing ever! Yesterday was also my last class in the MTC. Ever. It's kind of weird. But I kinda like it :)

Okay, now on to today!! The best part!! We took another field trip to Temple Square today. This time, we were paired up with a Sister that was serving there and we got to go teach with them for a few hours! It was so fun! My companion was Sister Gulevoa (pronounced Nul-a-va) from California. (Fun fact: her brother is serving in my mission!) She was so awesome! We planned, ate, and then got straight to work. We talked to the first people we saw as we came out of the South Center. she was amazing and made it so easy and comfortable, and I felt okay about jumping into the conversation and adding my testimony to hers! Then we went and talked to some other people on the Square. Then we went to the Teaching Center, were they chat and teach over the phone and such. While we were there, Sister Gulevoa and I got a chat. It was a woman named Jana from Slovenia. She was amazing! She's been meeting with missionaries there and had some questions. As we were answering some of her questions, we found out that she didn't know how to pray! So we taught her how to pray and the importance of prayer, right then. On chat! Jana loved it! She was amazed that her Heavenly Father loved her enough to listen to her prayers and answer them! We got her email address so we could keep talking to her. I seriously loved talking to Jana today! It was a great learning experience. Best part: I get to keep her!! Sister Gulevoa wanted to keep her as an investigator. so, I HAVE A REAL INVESTIGATOR!!!! AH! I'm seriously  so excited about it! I can't even begin to describe how I feel right now! I love this! Today was the best day so far!

BUT! I'm out of here soon :) Next time you hear from me, I'll be in DC!
-Sister Bullock

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