Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sister Bullock arrives in the mission field

Sister Bullock's letter Oct 9, 2012

Hello everyone!
What a past couples of days it's been! I've loved every second of it! So Sunday, we (Elders Loveless and Hart, called English speaking, and Elder Squires, called ASL, and Sister Nakatsuka, also called English) flew from SLC to New York on the red eye flight! Elder Squires and I swapped notes about conference on the flight while the others slept. It was wonderful! Elder Squires is a convert and it was really interesting to hear what he took away from conference and gain insights from him!

 After a 3 hour layover in NY, we flew to DC! Well, kind of. We flew into the Washington Dulles airport which is actually in Virginia. There, we met President and Sister Matsumori, and the AP's. I instantly loved them! Sister Matsumori is so sweet and President is hilarious! And both of them are so inspired and truly perfect for this mission! President and Sister took us to the VC (visitors center) then, and on the way we went on the part of the beltway where you come around the corner and the temple just appears! As soon as I saw the temple, the spirit whispered "You are where you need to be". It was wonderful!

DC Temple from the Beltway

DC Temple Visitors Center
DC Temple Grounds from the air

 When we got to the temple grounds (Which is almost completely wooded) President let us out and we all went into the woods to pray and make a commitment to our Father in Heaven. So there I was, kneeling on the damp floor of the woods, praying aloud to my Heavenly Father. It was a completely different experience! The spirit was so strong and I had this overwhelming feeling of joy and love! I know my Heavenly Father loves me! After that, we went to IHOP, then to the mission home for showers and naps! This was most welcome since I had been up for well over 24 hours! Then came our orientation meeting, dinner (Sister Matsumori is a wonderful cook!), and some ping-pong! Haha it was super fun to just relax and have fun! Then I had my interview with President. He is a truly inspired man. Truly. Our testimony meeting that night was completely wonderful! The missionaries I'm serving with are very powerful and strong! They will all do so well!

So that was Monday! Today, I met my trainer!! Her name is Sister Wong and she is from Hong Kong! She is completely wonderful, and so adorable! Everyone I've met has had only the nicest things to say about her! I love her already and I'm looking forward to learning everything I can from her! We were able to do a session in the temple today! The DC temple is just wonderful! So beautiful! The spirit is everywhere here!! I love it! I haven't been to our apartments yet, but I know there are 4 sisters there (including Sister Wong and I). We are serving in the White Oak area, in a family ward. We also have a baptism this Sunday! That will be so fun to be here for!

My time is almost up (I still only have 30 minutes) but I just want to say a few quick things!
1. If you want to write me, use the mission office address! It's the best way to get mail to me!
2. I love you all! Thank you all for being such wonderful examples and great influences in my life! I wouldn't be here without all of you!

I know the Lord loves His children, and we are all His children! Read your scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. He will bless you with knowledge and diligence as you do! Pray to your Father. Every morning and every night. He loves you and wants to hear from you. He wants to bless you, all you have to do is ask! Live your life in a way that you will be worthy to have His spirit with you always!
Love you!
-Sister Bullock

Ally, Maddux, and Baby Beckham

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