Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy....

Hurricane Sandy's predicted path
We got an email from President Matsumori on Friday letting us know that he is having all of the missionaries prepare for the impact of Hurricane Sandy by having non perishable food and batteries for their flashlights on hand.  He told them to fill their cars with gas and to make sure their cars were not parked under trees.  He will let us know how she is doing as soon as he can after the storm passes.  I think Sister Bullock will have many opportunities to serve the people of the DC area in the aftermath of this storm.  We will let you know how she is doing as soon as we hear from President Matsumori.  The local media is calling this storm "Frankenstorm" because Sandy may combine with a cold front to make a monster storm.  Some say it could be the storm of the century....Stay safe Sister Bullock!!

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