Tuesday, October 30, 2012

She's Safe!!! :)

We got an email from President Matsumori earlier today:

Dear Families,
There is good news from the Washington DC North Mission.  All missionaries have reported in.  They are safe, warm and accounted for.  None lost electrical power or experienced difficulties of any kind.   No mission cars were damaged, no missionary was in harm’s way, nor have there been problems of any kind reported.  We are happy to say that the mission will continue onwards, “with business back to normal”.   Your prayers and ours have been answered. We thank you for those in our behalf. 
Some libraries and facilities that missionaries use for their Wednesday computer time may have closures.  Just know that if you fail to receive an email this week it is most likely due to other factors and not the missionaries well being.  Again we assure you they are all save and taken care of. 
Warmest regards,
James R. Matsumori

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