Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sister Bullock's letter from Oct 24, 2012

So this week has been a crazy one! Lots of hard times this week thanks to one of our recent converts, Rafi. He's really struggling right now and it just breaks my heart. But Marc is still doing great! He was confirmed back on Sunday!! Sister Wong was awesome and wrote down his blessing. Marc was so excited to have it :) He's such an awesome kid! The rest of the investigators are doing well :) We got Lucy a French Book of Mormon which is a lot easier for her to read, but she still wants to meet with us instead of the French Elders (haha). That way, we can continue teaching her son, Ismael. Ismael is probably the most adorable 10 year old ever! He loves the gospel and cannot wait to be baptized. We're still trying to figure out if he'll have to wait for his mother or not. Michael is another awesome investigator! He's 40 something, shy and super sweet! He has a hard time understanding things, but Sister Wong is so good at breaking things down and helping him out! His baptism date is November 25th! Then there is Little John! He's from Zambia and just so adorable! He's also quiet and shy, and not very confident with his English, but he's amazing! His baptism date is November 18th! I'm so excited for him! You can tell he really wants to get baptized, especially when we talk about the priesthood authority :) Then we are also teaching Nabil, who is John's uncle! We're not sure if Nabil is as committed to the gospel as John is, but he has so much faith! Hopefully he continues to progress. He has a baptism date of November 11th. Then we have a ton of other investigators that are super wishy-washy and we're not really sure about them. But! All is well! I seriously love the work out here! And I have the best companion ever!
Sister Wong
Bubble tea
Sister Wong is so patient with me :) I'm learning (not as fast as I had hoped I would), but I am learning. Sister Wong introduced me to a Vietnamese drink called bubble tea! It's not tea at all, haha. It's like a smoothie with gel pearls at the bottom. So when to sip from the giant straw, you get delicious beverage and fun little gel pearls. It's hard to describe, but we love it! Sister Wong is probably the most adorable person I have ever met! She silly and sweet and super humble! I have a lot to learn from her! Goodness I love my mission so far! I can't believe I've already been out for a month! At the same time, it feels like it's been a year already! Haha, I've never wanted time to fly and stand still at the same time! It's so weird! I miss you all! I hope things are well with you where ever you are! Write me if you'd like :) I'd love to hear from you!
Stay strong, happy, and healthy!
Love, Sister Bullock

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