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Letter from Sister Bullock Oct 31, 2012

Ready for the storm?
Well, I survived the Super Storm Sandy! I'm happy to report all is well :) We didn't even lose power! The storm hit us hard on Monday. We were told that if we didn't have appointments, we had to be in our apartments all day. Luckily, Sister Wong and I had a full day of appointments and people to see! So we were out all day :) Everyone we talked to though told us to go home instead of going to our next appointment. But I did not come on my mission to hide from a little bit of rain! But now they're predicting snow for us in the very near future. Not too excited about that!

Sister Wong and Sister Bullock
This week has really made me love being a missionary! We've seen so many hearts softened, and so many eyes opened to the gospel. Our two main concerns, Lucy and Nabil, both are firmly committed to a baptismal date and they are excited to progress and learn more :) Also, I'm becoming more comfortable with just talking to everyone I come into contact with. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be! I'm really looking forward so spending the next 16 months getting to know these people and helping them come closer to Christ! (I can't believe I've been out for almost 2 months already! Crazy!) As an effort to get to know people and introduce them to the gospel, Sister Wong and I are planning on setting up a free hot chocolate station at the Metro :) Everyone loves free cocoa, right? I think it'll be super fun!

Also, Elder Cook came and spoke at our Mission Conference back on Saturday, then also in my Stake Conference that Sunday :) It was so cool!! We were able to bring some of our recent converts and investigators to Stake Conference, and they absolutely loved it! They were just glowing and just so excited to share with Sister Wong and I what they learned or felt! It was so awesome! Elder Cook also settled a lot of concerns or questions I had. I know that he truly is an Apostle of the Lord. He is a man of faith, brightness of hope, and love. Very amazing and humbling experience :)

Something that stood out to me this week was a scripture I read in Mormon (5:23): "Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God?" These words have been stuck in my head every day since I read them. Not only am I in the hands of God, but so is everyone I meet. We are all being watched over, protected, blessed and comforted in the hands of God, whether we know it or not. I feel blessed to know this truth. It's a great comfort for me to know that my Father in Heaven loves me. He is watching out for me and wants me to succeed in everything I do.  But not just me. Everyone! It just blows my mind slightly :)
Anyways! I love you all and miss you like crazy! Be safe, happy and healthy! Put your trust in God, and He will bless you beyond anything you could imagine!
See you soon :)
Love, Sister Bullock

Sister Wong and Sister Bullock on the DC Temple grounds

Sister Wong and Sister Bullock in front of the DC Temple

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  1. Her letters are so inspiring... She is on such a spiritual high and I love that! I am so glad she is doing well after the storm! :)