Sunday, November 11, 2012

This week's letter dated November 7, 2012

I love being a missionary!!!
I cannot say that enough! I seriously love being out here doing the Lords work! It's hard work, but it's fun at the same time! Sometimes I worry I'm having too much fun performing the Lords work! Haha.

I feel like this week has been super crazy, but it really hasn't. Just busy. The Visitor Center was closed all of last week because of the construction. It opened back up on Monday and I had a shift there on Tuesday. It's all going to be super awesome when it's finished (the front is to be done this week, the back will hopefully be done by the end of this month). I'm so excited! So I was a full proselyting  missionary this week! It was crazy! It left a lot of time for finding and teaching, which I loved! I've found that I really do like talking to people and getting to know their stories. People really are just wonderful :)

This week, I've really been learning about charity and diligence. The Lord has seen fit to humble me and teach me these principles, and I'm so thankful for it! I'm truly coming to love the people I meet and teach. It's exciting to see someone be touched by the spirit! As for service after the storm, sadly I haven't been able to really do any :( No one seems to take 2 girls in skirts very seriously when they offer to help clean up. But, oh well.

So our investigators with B-dates are progressing nicely still! We actually have a new b-date too! Her name is Jessica. She is best friends with Michael who is getting baptized on the 25th! She is set for the 9th of December! We're so excited for her! She really just wants that forgiveness and cleanliness that comes with baptism. She's so awesome!

I don't remember if I told you about Larry, but he's doing well also. He loves the Plan of Salvation, and says it has brought great peace to his life. You should hear him pray, too! It's so powerful!
We had to drop one of our new investigators though. He told us the only reason he was meeting with us is because he finds us "hott" and will do anything to be with us. That was an awkward conversation.
Festival is coming up fast! I'm SO excited! Words cannot even begin to describe how awesome it is!! AH! So happy!

Anyway, I love and miss you all! I'll see you in 16 months :)
Love, Sister Bullock

Sister Bullock is excited to find Faygo Rock & Rye in DC (We don't have Faygo in Idaho)

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