Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Letter Dated November 21, 2012

Transfer week is super weird, but I had a lot of fun! Sister Wong I have stayed together :) Only one companionship in our district changed, Sister Word was replaced by Sister Brown! Exciting times lay ahead haha. There are 5 new Sisters and a ton of new Elders this transfer! I'm not the youngest anymore!!! Woot! One transfer down, 11 more to go ;)
Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Sister Wong and I are going to Sister Moorman's house for dinner, and we're looking at the Visitors Center in the morning. I'll miss being with family for this wonderful holiday, but at least I have my church family to be thankful with :)
The work is progressing in White Oak still. Lucy and Ismael are great, Nabil and John are great, Michael is also great! Although, we did have to push back Michael's baptism date to December 15th. But it's for the best :) Just some kinks we need to work out (like not eating yogurt before church on Sunday... He's lactose intolerant...). But yeah!

Story time: Yesterday was my favorite day of the transfer! We spent the whole morning serving with the Salvation Army! We spent 5 hours in a big kitchen preparing TONS of food for the homeless :) They will be eating some very awesome turkey today! But it was so fun to just be together as missionaries, serving people in anyway that we can! Then after cooking, we had a few appointments and dinner and then came the best part! Our hot chocolate stand at the metro!! We set up a table and had hot water and cocoa packets and just handed it out to people. They loved it! And it gave us a great opportunity to talk to people! I loved the way their eyes just lit up when they heard it was free, and that it was cocoa :) When they asked why we were doing this, I just told them "Because everybody needs a cup of cocoa every once in a while. It's good for the soul." I absolutely loved this! Sister Wong and I want to do it again before Festival starts! 
Silver Springs Metro

Hot Chocolate

Speaking of Festival!!! It starts super soon! A week from Friday is when it opens to the public! Ambassadors night is the 28th and the delegates come on the 29th, then everyone on the 30th! It's so exciting!! I can't wait! I can't wait! And the renovations are done!!! YAY!!! I'll send pictures of my name tag on the wall :) It's such a cool display! Ah! Lots and lots of pictures coming your way!

Anyway! I love you! I miss you! Please be safe, warm, and happy. Remember how your Heavenly Father has blessed you and say a prayer of gratitude (or two). He has blessed us all with so much: family, friends, the gospel, the Book of Mormon, everything! Ah! I am so blessed. Thank you for all that you do! I love, love, love you!
Love, Sister Bullock

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