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This weeks letter from Sister Bullock Sept 27, 2012

Sister Bullock in front of the MTC entrance

I can't believe it's time to email you again! This week has seriously FLOWN by! It was a great week! Last Thursday, we (Sister Jarrett and I) committed our investigator, Haleigh, to baptism! She is still progressing nicely and is super excited!! Friday, we committed our other investigator, Matt, to baptism! He was doing well until he went home and saw his family. Then he started to doubt. But the Spirit was totally working with him, Sister Jarrett and me in that lesson. So now he's back to preparing to be baptized! So great!! Also, we taught an investigator named Paige and we committed her to baptism in the first meeting! We haven't seen Paige again because she went back to Cali on Monday, but I would like to think that she is still doing well :) We also had another investigator, Barbara, who is progressing nicely. Our last lesson, she prayed with us! Prayer and testimony are seriously the 2 quickest ways to get the Spirit in the room! Her prayer was so sweet and special! I love investigators! Then we also taught a less active member named Larry. Larry was an interesting man. He acted like he didn't want to see us or talk to us at first, and then he found out that I had been less active for a period of time. So then he wanted to know what had gotten me back into the church and whatnot. So I told him my story. We (Larry and I) both cried over it and the Spirit was so strong. He agreed to come back to church, and to start praying again after that. It was so cool!

So this week, I ran into Sister Beer and Sister Olsen!! Both girls that I grew up with in our stake back in Michigan! Sister Beer is going to New York, Mandarin speaking, and Sister Olsen is going to Madrid, Spain! So cool! I was so happy to see them! And it turns out that Sister Beer lives 2 doors down from me :) Also, one of my zone teachers served with my roommate Meg! I thought that was a cool little connection!

This week, I really learned that I need to have more faith and trust in my Heavenly Father. I had a really humbling experience in class back on Saturday. I just realized how much responsibility I have with peoples salvation and such with my missionary work, and it freaked me out a little bit! But thankfully, I have a great teacher and a great district leader who were there for me the whole time I had a mini breakdown. And after lunch, Elders Richardson and Aitken gave me blessing and in it I was told that I was doing my best and that's all the Lord expects of me. It was, and is, such a great comfort to me. I just care so much for people I haven't even met yet, that I want to do my best so that they can have this joy and peace and happiness that I have. I want them to come to know their Father and their Savior as I know them, and better than I know them! Then on Sunday, I had to speak in Sacrament meeting on repentance. It wasn't too bad, I guess. And then we watched the temple dedication!! It was so cool! The spirit was present throughout the whole thing and it was just wonderful! During the last hymn, I noticed Elder Holladay was crying! This is so huge because he hasn't shown emotion the whole time we've been here, except for that! So amazing what the spirit can do to us!

May I just confess how much I seriously love my district?? They are so great and we've all made so much growth and progress in the 3ish weeks we've been here! I have high hopes for all of my Elders, as well as for my Sisters :) I'm continually learning from them and their examples! I feel like we are such a close family since we spend all of our time together! It's so great! I feel like a proud mama bear with her Elder cubs, haha! It's going to be sad next week when the Elders are gone and it's just us sisters! But I'm excited for them to get out into the field and experience Michigan :)
Some funny stories from this week, ready? First, there was one night when we had just sat down to dinner and I was going to pray over my food. So I bowed my head and instead of praying, I started counting to 10! It was so weird! I had no idea what or why I was doing that! We all had a pretty good laugh about it! And they still tease me when I pray at dinner! (How high did you count this time, Sister Bullock?) Then yesterday, Sister Jarrett was going to pray before we met with Haleigh. So she says, "Dear Heavenly Father, we say these things." We busted up laughing! It was so funny!! We laughed for 5 minutes before we could calm down enough to actually pray!
Um... I think that's about it! I love you all! See you in 17 1/2 months!!
Love, Sister Bullock

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