Sunday, September 16, 2012

We just got a letter, we just got a letter.....

We just got a letter, We know who it's from!  Yay!  Saturday we received a letter from Sister Bullock!

  Sister Bullock wrote to us the first evening she was in the MTC;  September 12th.  She said it had been a crazy (and awesome) day.  After we dropped her off she met up with her host missionary, Sister Greenwood, took her luggage to her room, went and got her name badges and ID card.  She met her teachers, Brother Shumway (no relation to the Shumways in the Crestwood ward) and Sister Peets.

She met the elders and sisters in her district.  All 8 elders are going to the Lansing, MI Mission (She thought that was pretty cool!), 2 sisters are going to the Winter Quarters Visitor's Center and her companion, Sister Jarrett, is going to the San Diego Temple Visitor's Center and will also serve at the Mormon Battalion Center.  These 3 sisters are her roommates at the MTC.  She said that they are all getting along really well. (Mom's note:  I find it interesting that she is the only person in her district going to Washington DC- North Mission.)

After meeting her district, she went to a conference with the MTC Presidency and their wives.  She commented that it was "pretty awesome".

She said the food at dinner was delicious and the chocolate milk was good, but not the best in the world like she had been told.  (Mom's note:  Of course not!  Nothing compares to Reed's Dairy Chocolate milk!!)

After dinner she had a chance to unpack before going to another meeting.  She said that this meeting was very cool; they got to interact with converts as if the were still investigators.  She wrote, "It was so cool!  I loved it!"

Next she went and met with her Zone leaders.  Her Sister Zone Leader is another roommate.  So apparently they have 6 sister missionaries in their room.

She said that it had been a good day, much better than she expected.  She said, " I know I am exactly where I need to be and doing exactly what I need to be doing."

The biggest surprise to Sister Bullock and her family is that she will be in the MTC for 4 weeks, not 2 weeks like we originally thought!  She will depart the MTC on Oct 8th and take a "red eye" flight to DC and arrive in DC the morning of Oct 9th!

Sister Bullock's p-day (preparation day) while in the MTC is Thursday.   That will most likely be when we will hear from her next.

A great way to write to her while she is in the MTC is by using  They will print off your letter and deliver it the same day if you submit it before noon.  They deliver letters Monday - Friday. You will need her MTC box number #119 and her Mission DC-North and her departure date:  1008.  She would love to hear from you!


  1. Thanks for posting her letter! I am going to look forward to reading what you post each week. I just sent her a letter through Hopefully she gets it tomorrow!

    1. Marci,
      She will be so excited to get your letter! Thanks for writing her! :)