Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Week of Miracles...and half way there

May 29, 2013
This week has truly been a week of miracles! We have truly been so blessed! Both in the work and in other aspects of our lives! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Sister Bullock's work area in DC

So, first item of business! JORDAN IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! Except that he's getting baptized in Utah, not here. He went out to visit his soon-to-be-fiance (which is weird because we've known him longer than he's known her), and the day after he got there, we got a call from some Elders in Provo telling us that Jordan was getting baptized on Saturday, and they needed to know what to teach him. It was a whole dramatic thing, and neither Sister Smith or I really felt good about it (it seemed to rushed)... But, we don't have jurisdiction here. If he wants to be baptized there, he can be. So, JORDAN'S GETTING BAPTIZED! Yay!

*Side note: More importantly, LOGAN AND AMANDA GET HITCHED ON SATURDAY!!! I'm so excited for them :) Three cheers for the happy couple!!

Amanda and Logan with "Sister Bullock"

Next item of business! JOCELYN IS STAYING IN DC!! She's not moving back to Idaho! She's been in Boston this week, and randomly one morning she texted us and said, "guess who is staying?" All studies halted at that moment, and celebrations commenced :) Her congressman offered to extend her internship, so she's staying! And she will most likely be baptized on Sunday the 2nd! And if not this Sunday, then next Sunday for sure! We're so excited for her!! So those were the first 2 miracles of this week. The next 2 happened yesterday and just blew our minds :) Ready for this?

Tuesdays are usually really hard to get appointments on. That's just how it is. Tuesday afternoons are even worse. No one is ever home. Ever. But Monday night, we just wrote out a list of members that we could try to contact and see as back up for street contacting. So as we were leaving the apartment after lunch to go see a less-active, I had the feeling that I should start trying to contact these members, so I just started at the top of the list. Shara texted us back immediately and said, "Yes I'll be home. Do you want to come by?"  Of course we jumped on this opportunity! So after having a lesson with out less active member, we quickly drove to Shara's apartment. She was so sweet and so nice and we really enjoyed just talking to her. Then, she mentioned that she is trying to fill the 3rd bedroom in her apartment. Sister Smith and I looked at each other- Jocelyn is apartment hunting right now. I thought, "This has to be why this appointment happened today!"  So that was cool, right? It gets even better! As we continue talking, Shara randomly says, "I hope you guys know that your visit today was an answer to my prayers." And starts crying. She tells us about her boyfriend and how he's not religious, and how he doesn't like that she's Mormon. He's fine with other Mormons being Mormons, but because it's her, it's a problem. And that he agreed to meet with missionaries. What? She was like, "Heavenly Father knew it would take me forever to get into contact with you all so He sent you to me today." How cool is that?? Heavenly father is SO aware of everyone and our needs! Individually and together. Really, life is a strategic swirl of people. Think about it. It's true. So we'll start teaching Andrew next Thursday!

THEN! After our meeting with Shara, we were able to have another meeting with another active member of our ward. We got there, it was a nice conversation- then BOOM. She tells us, "I'm glad you guys came today. I really wanted to talk to you. I'm actually really struggling with my testimony, and I want to take the lessons again (she's a convert of 3 years). Can we do that?" Of course we said yes! And we praised her for how humble and brave she is to actually ask for help.  So we'll start working with her today!

AND THEN!! At our dinner appointment, we were with a recent convert and an active member. And during our spiritual thought, the recent convert says, "I'm so happy I came tonight. I've been thinking about leaving the church, but now I remember why I joined. And I realized, I can't just leave. God won't let me leave. Now, I don't even want to leave." AHHH! It was so cool to hear!
SO MANY MIRACLES IN ONE DAY! Sister Smith just looked at each other when we got home and asked, "what just happened??" It was so cool. We have been fasting and praying for teaching opportunities. And while most of these opportunities aren't investigators, they're still chances to share the gospel with those around us! We're so excited and so blessed!

Thank you all for your love and support! Remember, Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. Sometimes, you just need a little patience :)
I love and miss you all!
Love, Sister Bullock
Ps. Another interesting thing that happened this week: I hit my halfway point! SOOOOOOO weird!

This is the house the President Lincoln lived in during his presidential campaign
My current district! (we were the Ameri-kicks for our kick ball zone activity, hence the red, white and blue going on. It was especially funny because we have 2 Mexicans in our district, and 1 Filipino.)


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