Friday, June 14, 2013

An exciting week!

June 12.2013
Hey there :)
Sister Smith, Jocelyn, and Sister Bullock
So this week has been eventful! First things first, JOCELYN GOT BAPTIZED!!!! But, of course, it couldn't just be that easy! So Jocelyn wanted 2 things: A) for the bishop to say her name right in sacrament, and B) to be dunked only once... :) So here's the story! It started off with the program! Things were all wrong, so it had to be re-printed and whatnot. Then her name was announced as Jacklyn (for the 2nd
 Sunday in a row.) THEN! There has been construction in the area, so when they started filling the font, they discovered the sediment build up! The water was SUPER brown! You couldn't see the bottom of the font! So they drained it and refilled it. The water was still brown, but less brown. And now they have the problem of filling the font in time! So they had a train of people going from the bathroom to the font with pitchers full of water. And there were buckets being used. And even a hose was brought in from outside. All of that, and the font still wasn't full when we started! But the service was so great! The spirit was so strong! Sister Smith and I gave the baptism talk together, which was a first, but it was really fun :) Then came time for Jocelyn to be baptized. She tells us the water came to right above her knee. Jocelyn is tiny, so that means the water was really shallow! But yeah, because it was so shallow (and her jumpsuit was too big) something was always sticking out of the water. After being dunked twice, they had her and Elder Bodily kneel down! Third time was the charm! Jocelyn's baptized, and so excited to receive the Holy Ghost! And we're so excited for her!!
Dirty brown water
Water pitcher train to fill the font for Jocelyn's baptism
Sister Morotti, Elder Bodily, Jocelyn, Sister Smith, Sister Bullock, and Elder Watts
Sister Bulock, Sister Morotti, Jocelyn, and Sister Smith
Okay, next! Transfers! I'm still in DC 2nd! YAY! I still get to live in the District also, which makes me really happy (they almost moved us to Kensington- by the temple).

Yep, I have a daughter (as we call them here!) Her name is Sister Croese! She's from the Nederlands (I got the only international sister from the bunch! YES!) and she has the sweetest accent (you have to listen close to here it though!) She's 20 years old and has a rock solid testimony! She's going to be such a wonderful companion! I'm so excited to watch her learn and grow and become even stronger! But we get along great already! She is so cool! I love her! These next 12 weeks are going to be really fun! :) And filled with lots and lots of prayers. I don't feel ready to train, but ready or not here it is!
Sister Bullock and Sister Croese meeting for the first time (they were jumping)
Sister Croese and Sister Bullock June 12, 2013
"Mother" "Daughter" nametags
Third: Jordan might be considering a mission...? I'll have more on that for you next week :) I hope he goes. It'll be sweet! But he wants to marry this Utah chick... So we'll see what happens. He has a year to decide anyways. No rush!
Sister Smith, Jordan, and Sister Bullock....She said, "This is Jordan, see what I have to work with here?
Bonus: I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE SO A SWEET LITTLE GIRL! I'm so excited :) So I'll have a nephew AND a niece to meet when I get home! Yay!! I'm so excited!

So yeah. That is the big news for this week! I hope you enjoyed that :)
I love you and miss you all! Thanks for all you do! Let me know if there is anything I can do for any of you!
Love you, love you, love you!
Love, Sister Bullock

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