Sunday, June 23, 2013

Letter dated June 19, 2013

This week has been really fun! We've studied A LOT, but we've had a ton of fun while studying. And we've had a good time trying it out on some people! Such a great week, but I don't know where to start! Nor do I have a lot to report.

Sister Croese is amazing! We get along so well! We have a very similar sense of humor which keeps us laughing most of the day. She is a hard worker and very missionary minded (though, she likes to talk about her boyfriend back home a lot). But she's just adorable! She really cares for these people already. She just amazes me! 

Sometimes, I forget I'm training :) But then, I'm quickly reminded of my responsibility. Oi! But it's fun :) 

Sister Bullock and Sister Croese at a training meeting
Everyone wants to date Jocelyn. Can't blame them, she's gorgeous and funny. Jordan is still a punk, but a punk with a heart. And it's great.

I love my mission! I don't know why they almost moved us to Kensington. I would have been in the same ward, juts a different apartment. But, they don't really offer explanations. Especially when things don't actually happen. So, who knows?

I do know one secret! For the World Wide Leadership broadcast thing on Sunday, my mission will be used for part of it. I'm not in it, but you'll see a lot of people I'm out here serving with! YAY! it makes me happy.

My new mission president probably goes into the MTC today or tomorrow! That's exciting! 

Sister and President Cooke, Sister Bullock's new mission president as of July 1, 2013

Oh! And birthdays produce miracles! (Yesterday was Ally's bershday. Happy day, my dear) And we were able to have 2 other lessons and find a new investigator (Marco- I'll have more for you there next week), AND receive a referral from Salt Lake (never happens), AAAND everything just went well :) It was a good day. And today will be just as good. 

President and Sister Matsumori , Sister Bullock's out-going mission president
Tomorrow is the last time I'll see the Matsumoris before they leave. Sad day. I can't believe they're leaving! It's so weird! And the new President has kids that he's bringing with him! Young kids! That will be weird! But fun to see! 

I can't believe I only have 7 1/2 months left! What happened? Where did the time go?? I'm so confused. Also, I love my scriptures more than ever right now. I love reading them! Right now I'm towards the end of Alma. There are hidden treasures that I've never noticed before. Usually, it's just "war chapters-ugh", but now, I actually get spiritual things out of it too! it's awesome :) 

I don't really know what else to say. I probably have all these stories I'm forgetting right now... Sorry! I just love my mission and everything about my life right now. The Lord's hand is in all things! Just remember that! I love and miss you all! Have a great week!
Love, Sister Bullock
Sister Bullock at a trainers meeting
June 20, 2013

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