Sunday, June 9, 2013

Letter dated June 5, 2013

June 5, 2013
Washington South Zone
 JOCELYN IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY!!!! We're so excited for her! I love Jocelyn so much! She is so sweet and kind and sincere! She is so ready to be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! I'm really excited for her to take this next step in her eternal progression! And, I can't wait for her to go to the temple for the first time! The peace and love she'll experience there... AH! I just can't wait! She has so many blessings in store! We're so proud of her :) (And thankful because all of this was nothing short of a miracle!)

AND! Jordan got BAPTIZED and CONFIRMED! And! He received the priesthood also. (Preach My Gospel says not to do it that fast, but oh well. I guess they do things a little differently in Provo.) He sounds so happy and so excited! He is being a great missionary, too! His friend is getting baptized soon because of Jordan's example (and because Jordan is a little pushy, let's be honest). But we're so excited for him. Oh, and he and his girly got engaged while he was in Utah, too. Sister Smith and I have been invited to the wedding :) It'll be in a year in the Timpanogos temple. Haha, this kid moves so fast! He'll be back here in DC this weekend, so that'll be interesting.

AND!!!!!! I have a new sister :) Congratulations to my Bruder and his Mrs! I'm so excited them!! I can't wait to see pictures and maybe hear some more details :) (hint, hint)
The Family: Maddux, Cesar, Beckham, Ally, Kris, Amanda, Logan, Rick, Flat Kelsey, and Sierra

Sunday was a pretty awesome day! We had 2 non-members at church and we were able to set up appointments with them, so now they are our new investigators. There was Christina, who is a former investigator, and Seunghee, who is from Korea. She's here doing some exchange program thing at AU. (We also have another potential investigator named Shamika who we'll teach tonight. Hopefully it goes well!) So that was cool. Then after church, we talked to Jocelyn and kind of set up her baptism. She seemed excited about it all so it was fun! Then! We went over to the VC for our shift. It was the Night of Music and Inspiration night :) Sister Clement (who is amazingly talented) was the Sister in charge of planning and organizing it this time. And because she's so amazing, everyone wanted to usher this event (we all really just wanted to see how cool she is, haha). But, almost all of the Sisters IN the program, were also on shift, so they got to be ushers which meant that  none of us other Sisters would see it. And it was so sad! really, it was! BUT. Then, 10 minutes before the program was supposed to start, we lost power in the main theater. So we had to have the program upstairs! So all of us (Elders, Sisters, President Matsumori) started scrambling around setting up chairs facing the temple :) It felt like ambassadors night again :) so even though we didn't have the Mormon Messages that were planned or the lighting or microphones, the night was so much better. It was probably the best one yet. The setting was much more intimate, we were able to play the Christus narration, and the spirit just filled to room. It was incredible. I loved it! The theme was the Plan of Salvation which made it even better. Sister Clement is a genius. So yeah, Sunday was probably the best day this week :)

Fun item of the week: We went to Shake Shack Monday night! It was super tasty! I highly recommend it :)
Shake Shack in Washington DC

I don't know. Now I'm just blabbing. I'll just share one more thing with you. Before leaving my Elders in the MTC, our whole district wrote each other letters. At one point this week, I was reading mine, and I found one from Elder Holladay! At the time I received this letter, I guess I just didn't understand it or something because I didn't realize what a sweet testimony was written there. And I didn't see how much it could really help me. But as I read it this week, I saw those things, and it gave me a little boost :) May I share my favorite part? Towards the end her says, "Jesus Christ didn't include himself in the commandment to be perfect* until after he came to the Americas in a Resurrected state. Heavenly Father doesn't ask us to be perfect in this life, He just asks us to be worthy. *"be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heave is perfect" compared to "be ye therefore perfect, even as I am" Perfect means complete." It's true. Keep that in mind as you go about your week.
I love and miss you all!
Love, Sister Bullock
PS. Happy Father's Day, daddy! Wish I could call you!


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