Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Last Transfer of my Mission....Letter dated January 6, 2014

Angle Moroni 
Sister Bullock on the roof of the DC Temple Jan 2014
January 6, 2014

And Happy New Year! It's transfers time again! Are you excited? Is the suspense killing you? IT"S THE LAST TRANSFER EMAIL YOU WILL EVER GET FROM ME. 
...That just made things really weird. Now my heart hurts. Dumb! Dumb idea, Sister Bullock. Mission life forever!! (Once again, my letter is short this week. Sorry.)
·  Festival: Festival is over! I can't believe it! It was a pretty successful Festival! We had almost 100,000 people in our center, and we sent over 300 referrals. That's over 300 people that are on their way to hearing about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! HOW COOL IS THAT? Seriously awesome if you asked me! And the sisters did it in companionship's! I am so proud of our sisters here! They are so fabulous and they are truly qualified servants of the Lord! Aaaaand now the VC is pretty quiet... Such is life.
·  Temple: As you might have seen on facebook, I was able to go to the top of the DC temple!! It was the best day of my week... And perhaps one of the best days of my life! I love the temple! I love seeing the temple, I love being inside the temple, I love being on top of the temple. I just love the temple!! <3
·  Last 6 weeks: I can't believe this is my last transfer! The mission has flown by so fast! These last 6 weeks are going to be the best 6 weeks! It's funny though, all the missionaries around me are asking me what it feels like to be starting the end... And I'm here to tell you, it feels exactly the same. I don't feel like it's my last transfer. I don't feel like I'm going home. I have work to do, and I'm going to do it! Mission life is seriously the best!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!
·  Transfers: Okay, here it is. Transfer update! Sister Holland and I are staying together in New Carrollton and we're being joined by Hermana Carcamo! This is her 5th or 6th transfer, but it will be her first transfer in the English program! She is from Chile and is just the most adorable little thing I have ever seen! This transfer is going to be fun :)  Hopefully we can figure out how to fit one more person into our apartment... Should be easy though! Also, more news: I'm going to be a grandma! Sister Croese is training this transfer! Her trainee is from Tahiti! How cool is that?? AND. i am no longer a VC trainer after Wednesday! I am stepping down to let a younger sister (Sister Smith! I love her) take over the "Trainer life". Aaaaaand I'll probably only have like 1 shift a week at the VC. We have 2 full-pros areas because Temple Square is sending us 2 sisters for their out-bounds (if they aren't allowed to work at a visitors center, why send them to a visitors center mission??). And we're also doing a 90%-pros thing working towards having a half-and-half mission where not every sister serves in the VC. There will be pros sisters and VC sisters. My area will be 90%-pros. I can't say I'm a huge fan of that idea, but it's coming from Salt Lake so I'll go along with it. And that should be about it for the transfer report!
I love and miss you all! i'm sorry the letters are so short, but I have a feeling they might remain short, if not get shorter, this transfer... Only because I'll be able to tell you everything in person soooon! I am so grateful for all your support! I really do appreciate everything you do for me :) I love and miss you! Be safe, strong, and happy!
Love, Sister Bullock

2013 Creche Exhibit
Reflection of Temple in Visitors' Center Window
Sister Bullock on the last night of Festival 

Sisters Holland and Bullock
Sister Holland and Sister Bullock
The sisters built a fort after the Creche Exhibit was taken down
taken from the roof of the DC Temple
Sister Croese and Sister Bullock
Sisters Croese and Bullock
The view from the top of the Temple
Another View from the top of the DC Temple
Sister Bowman and Sister Bullock
Saying good-bye
Saying good-bye to Sister Robertson (her visa came for Brazil)
Sisters Robertson, Bullock, and Natkatsuka


  1. The yearly Creche exhibit was truly one of my favorite Christmas time events when we lived in Virginia. How absolutely wonderful all of the nativities from around the world are! It is exciting to think you have a solid 17 months down and one more fantabulous month to go! I am sure you will make it really count. Our prayers continue with you.

  2. Enjoying your dd's blog. My daughter is one of the Temple Square sisters that arrived this transfer. She is up in the Seneca Zone presently, but will be assigned to an ASL unit for the other two transfers she is there. She is training the new ASL sisters coming the day that Sister Bullock arrives home.

    1. Denise, how exciting! It must be interesting for your daughter to basically serve in 2 missions! Kelsey has loved the WDCN mission. I hope your daughter enjoys it too.