Wednesday, January 29, 2014

! Letter dated January 27, 2014 (21 days!)

By the way....21 days until Sister Bullock returns home!

January 27, 2014

Hi there :)
Not a whole lot happened this week. Soooo this email will probably be the shortest of all time.
·  Investigators: So our investigators are doing well. We've come to see some of the situations a little more clearly. Some aren't really willing to listen yet, but we are there to open their heart for the next missionaries who come. Some are just on the edge, but they need to trust in God and take a leap of faith. Others, we're still not sure about. But one thing I am sure about is that God knows their hearts. He knows what they need. And I have seen and felt His hand in this work everyday of my mission. It's seriously the coolest thing to witness :) I love being a missionary!
·  Another new investigator: We got another new investigator this week!! Ms. Brooke! She is the most awesome lady I have ever met! She knows the Bible like the back of her hand. She teaches us while we teach her! The best part is, she's a member referral. I LOVE MEMBER REFERRALS. They are always the most solid investigators. But anyway, I'll keep you updated on Ms. Brooke.
·  iPads: We get our iPads on Thursday. That's all I know about them. Except for the fact that I get it for 3 weeks, then hand it back in. This is going to be really weird.
·  Weather: When you have nothing else to talk about, go to the weather, right? Maryland weather is like Detroit weather. It seriously can't make up it's mind. It must be an East coast/ Midwest thing... Yesterday was freezing, and today is like spring! I'm very happy about this fact today :) I just hope spring lasts all week long!
Okay, I'm afraid I really have nothing else to say :( Sorry about that. It's a problem I know, but soon I'll be annoying you with all my stories. ...Sorry about that :) (Not really.)
Alright, I love you and miss you all! Thank you for everything! You are all the BEST people I know :) Love you!
Love, Sister Bullock

Sisters Holland, Carcamo, and Bullock striking "power poses" Jan 2014

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