Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Letter dated February 4, 2014 (15 days!)

February 3, 2014

Hiiiiii everyone!
     This week has been somewhat eventful :) but a really good week at
that. So let's get to it!!
     Ms. Brooke: she's truly my favorite investigator right now. The spirit
it always really strong with her! She has such great faith in Christ,
and she loves Him so much! It's really sweet. I always leave her house
feeling spiritually uplifted! She's like another grandmother for me,
it's really sweet. Seriously, you all would love her.
Other investigators: we had to drop a couple investigators (Steve and
Teresa) simply because their desire to learn isn't there anymore. Both
of these investigators have been dropped and picked up multiple times.
I know some day, they'll get it and have that desire, but for now...
We just have to trust and have faith.
       Dance parties: these are a common occurrence in my apartment these
days. I enjoy it immensely.
       President Cooke: he's a very inspired man. I'm so grateful for his
leadership, and for his care of us missionaries. He and Sister Cooke
are some of the best people I've met, and I look forward to a lifetime
of friendship with them. I'm "living the dream in the best mission in
the history of life".
Sisters Holland, Carcamo, and Bullock
       Comp comps: I like my companions. They are wonderful. We don't always
agree, but we teach well together. Each of my comps has a special
talent or testimony that she brings to the lessons. I'm so grateful
for each of them and the good work they do. I'm truly blessed.
       Trunks moment: I have 16 days left. I'm not completely sure how I feel
about it. It really kind of depends on when you ask me. Like earlier
at zone activity (which was dodgeball, by the way. Great fun), I would
have told you I never wanted to come home. But now as I write this
email, I'm excited for everything the future holds. Family, meeting my
sisters babies, pants music, family, friends, family.... Did I mention
loved ones yet? God has given me the greatest opportunity to be an
official representative of Jesus Christ for a period in my life, but
now it ending. Now I can go home and take what I learned here, and
apply it there. The mission never ends, you just take off the name
tag. I'm so grateful for my mission, all I've learned, the people I've
met, and the prayers that have been answered.
They just received their ipads!

       iPads: yep, we have iPads now. Nope, we don't get to keep them. Yes
they make life much easier. Yes, I want to chuck them out the window
sometimes. Yes, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. It's exciting.
The Lord is truly hastening His work. I'm so lucky and blessed that I
get to be a part of it.
       Well. That's all I have for you folks! See you in 2 1/2 weeks!! Love yoooooooou!
Love, Sister Bullock

Mom's note:  Here is a link to Sister Bullock's              Kelsey: DC, Ballet, Culture, Mormon. 
"I'm a Mormon" profile:http://mormon.org/me/dfbg

Sisters Nakatsuka and Bullock at the Air and Space Museum

Sister Bullock being weird

"the best district ever"

Drinking Bubble tea

Drenched with rain

On exchange in the Spanish program

"family" Sister Bullock, Sister Nakatsuka, and Elder Hart

Playing hide and seek, but Sister Holland forgot there was a mirror!

This statue reminded them of Sister Robertson....they miss her (she is now in Brazil)

Sisters Bullock and Rowley


The 4 sisters going home together, Nakatsuka, Tufts, Clement, and Bullock

Sisters Bullock and Robertson
15 days!!!!!!!   :)

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