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It's Time for The Festival of Lights! Letter dated December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Oh hey.
This week has been... A week. Not good, not bad. I'm stressing out a little this morning, but it's all good. The rest of the month will be a lot of stress too. There are just not enough hours in a day!! But let me tell you about my week! (Sorry if it is short... again, not enough time in a day!)
·  Welcome home: My first night in the area was pretty eventful. It was kind of a stormy day, lots of wind and rain. It was about 8:30 or so and Sister Holland and I had just finished making the turkey cookies. I got up and started walking towards the kitchen window when there was a large crack and smack! The wind snapped a tree and it fell on our apartment building! We were safe, but it was crazy! So eventually, our building was swarmed with firemen... One came banging down our door, so we let him in and he ran to the patio door... but couldn't figure out how to open it... It was kind of a comical moment for all of us. Then, Sister Holland and I wrapped up in blankets and stood out on our patio watching all the action happen. While we were standing there, 2 firemen came over and started asking us about the tree and if we saw it and such. I told them we heard it while making cookies. One firemen stopped and said, "Are any of those cookies ready?" Of course we said yes and immediately drooped them both a turkey cookie, and also a Festival of Lights pass-a-long card. It was kind of an odd, but cool way to start in a new area.

·  Thanksgiving: It was cool. We ate turkey and too much of everything else with our ward mission leader, his wife, their 1 year old son, a senior couple in our ward, and a less-active member and her son! It was quite the party. And the food was soooo good. Mom, Sister Moore made rolls that are just like yours! It made me think of you :) A little piece of home!
·  Sister Holland: She's pretty cool. Still super young, but cool. She's pretty homesick, which is sad, but hopefully Festival will just make her too tired to think about anything but sleep. We have fun and laugh a lot together. :) I'm excited to be with her this transfer. Also, I remembered where she's from! McCall, Idaho. 2 hours away from Boise. Liiiiitle town. Also, also, she sounds like an Idahoan. She drops the g's off off any 'ing', and she repeatedly says, "oh my heck". I think she will help prepare me to go back to Idaho...
·  New Carrollton: I like this area. It's very much like White Oak. Lots of Africans, and a lot of members that need help! I LOVE wards like this :) I feel like I can actually do something and make a difference. So that will be cool. It is going to take some adjusting though... It's so different from DC2. So many screaming babies during Sacrament meeting! Ha!
·  iPads: Sadly, we just found out we won't be getting our iPads until January :( Something about the customized program not working... So we'll see about Skype for Christmas... (Which by the way is only 23 days away!!!!)
·  Festival: IT'S HERE. It is literally hours away. Pray for me please, haha. I have so much to do! (And I love every second of it!)

Sisters Holland and Bullock with the Christmas tree and ornaments that the Crestwood Primary children
(Sister Bullock's home ward)  sent to them

Okay, that's it for today. Sorry again that it is short. But I love you and I miss you all! Happy December! (how is it December already???) Be safe, happy and healthy! Don't forget the Reason for the Season!
Love you all!!!
Love, Sister Bullock

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