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Merry Christmas! Letter dated December 23, 2013

Sister Bullock with the Brady's, friends of both sets of grandparents
Dec 23, 2013
Christmas is only 2 days way!!!! CAn you believe it??? I have so much to do before tomorrow and Wednesday... But all will be well :) No need to stress about it. What happens, happens. Right? It has been an amazing week and I can't wait to tell you about it! Let's start with last Monday...
·  12 days of Christmas: So the Elders in our ward had the brilliant idea  to do a 12days of Christmas for a family in the ward. We get them a present everyday, and then door-bell-ditch it. It's really fun and thoughtful and sweet and all that jazz. So last Monday, it was our turn to door-bell-ditch the gift. Sister holland can't run, and I have discovered a love for sprinting.... So I became the runner. She parked down the street, and I calmly walked to the house, dropped the gift, rang and took off running. But soon into my run, I found that my skirt was a little too restrictive to run in.... So I did what anyone in my situation would do: I hicked the skirt up just a tad. Knees were showing, but I didn't think anything of it because no one was around. Well, that helped alot! I ran faster! And then I heard someone whistling at me. Full on cat-call. I didn't stop running, but I looked over and saw their neighbor leaning against his shed, watching me run. I finally reached the car and just LAUGHED. Probably for a good 3 minutes. Sister Holland looked at me like I was crazy, but I was just dying. Apparently, my knees are cat-call worthy.
·  Miracle Friday: Friday was pretty much the best day ever in the VC. We had a HUGE crowd (5,000 people in the center) and a surprise third show! The first 2 shows were completely full. People were even standing in the back of the theater! It was madness! But it was also a night of miracles! Let me just share 3 of those with you! 1. Half way through the 1st show, our sound system cut out. Luckily you could still hear the bells (it was a bell choir), but after the show, Elder Burnham says that we can't have our 2nd performance without a sound system! We had a full house waiting up stairs with tickets!! We had to have this show! So Sister Aldridge, Sister Connelly, and I said a quick prayer asking Heavenly father to help the tech guys work it out. AND IT WORKED. The sound system came alive and we had our 2nd show. Miracle. 2. Same show. Preparing for the 2nd performance, I noticed 3 people sittiing in our front row. They had come in without tickets. One of them was the mother of a preformer who had been let in by a ticket lady... but then she brought 2 other people with her. Again, we had a full house upstairs waiting to come in. If they have a ticket, thay are gaurenteed a seat. So this was a problem. As I'm talking to the ticket ladies, trying to figure this out, a lady walks up to the table and says, "We were waiting for some friends, but they aren't going to make it," and hands me 3 tickets! Problem instantly solved. Miracle. 3. We had been trying all week to get into contact with our investigator Amy. She needed to be interviewed on Saturday so she could be baptized Sunday. We hadn't heard from her all week! Friday, we were a little worried. Then, as we were leaving the VC, I felt like we should call her (even though it as almost 10:30.) SHE ANSWERED. And we were able to schedule an appointment for Saturday. Miracle.
·  Christmas day variety show: The missionaries, every year, put on a variety show during Christmas lunch with the mission. It is done by the different zones, usually. Well, my zone leaders called me on Thursday and asked if I would (in all my spare time) choreograph a Nutcracker bllet on the Elders of the zone. All 24 of them. And for some dumb reason, i said yes! I had no time! But I did it. I put it on then on Saturday and it is GREAT. Seriously, I can't wait to record it and show you all. It is hilarious! But I'm actually very impressed with the Elders! They did such a good job!
·  Christmas Eve performance: Oh yeah, that's tomorrow. My dance doesn't look as good as the Elders dance does. But, at least it's only me, so no one will know that I have no idea what I am doing. Should be cool. I'll tryin to get it recorded for you!
·  Also: AMY GOT BAPTIZED! But, I was not there for it! Sweet Sister Mendenhall found and taught Amy for 6 months! That's her whole mission so far! So i felt it would be better for her to attend instead of me. So I went on exchanges yesterday! To the MoVille YSA group (they are trying to start a branch over there.) It was pretty awesome :) And Amy got baptized which is even cooler.
·  Christmas came early: We opened our presents this morning since we don't have anytime in the next couple of days. THANK YOU!!!! You all truly spoiled me this yaer :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I'm pretty sure that's all I have for you right now... Mostly becasue my time is up. But I love you and I'll see you sooooon! Thank you for all your love and support!
Love, Sister Bullock
Presents under the tree

The loot

Sister Bullock and Sister Holland enjoyed a huckleberry breakfast from Sister Holland's family

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