Saturday, November 2, 2013

Letter dated Oct 28, 2013

This week has been wonderful! I love my companions so much! They make the work so enjoyable! And they are up for anything! Extra work? Sure, bring it on! AH! So great! My list is somewhat short this week, but I hope you enjoy it regardless :) Ps. These are not in any specific order...
·   Baby nun: Today while shopping, I talked to one of the workers there. He knows a lot of missionaries because he'd see us there every Wednesday. So he was curious as to why we had started to come on Mondays. So I explained it all to him and whatnot.  Then we left the store, but had to wait for some other sisters. While we were waiting, another worker came out and asked us, "Are y'all really in training to be nuns?" We laughed so hard, and then explained to him that we were missionaries, to which he replied, "Oh, one of the guys in there said that you were like baby nuns!" So, hi! My name is Sister Bullock, and I'm a baby nun! Hahaha. No but really, it was a cool contact!
·   How many cops showed up to YOUR service project?: I had 3 cops at mine! Yep :) You're not a real missionary until you have the cops called on you during a service project! We had set up a time with an older lady the Elders had been doing service for to come rake her leaves. So one fall morning, all 5 missionaries from our ward show up and start raking leaves... And all the sudden, there is a cop and a social worker there! The social worker rushes into the house without saying anything to us, and the cop starts talking to the zone leaders. then another cop shows up... And then another! I guess her neighbors were concerned that we were trying to scam her, so they called the cops. It turned into a really good contact though! We were able to tell the cops about missions and why we serve and how we pay to put our life on hold and serve people! It was cool. I couldn't tell if they were impressed, or just thought we were nuts. But, either way it was still cool.
·   Halloween: My favorite holiday is coming up this week! Are you ready for it? I hope so! I am now, thanks to some wonderful Halloween packages :) Thank you, to those of you who sent me wonderful goodies and decorations! They are wonderful, and now our house feels much more festive! Oh, and I just about died when I found the hand cut-outs from Maddux, Beckham, and Berkley. AH! So adorable!! Thank you so much for those :)
·   Pumpkins: We are carving them today! I'm so excited. I'll send you a picture next week!
·   Genius: So, Sister Naka is from Japan, and her English is just about perfect. But sometimes, she still asks us to define words for her. Well, earlier today, Sister robertson was talking about somehting (I don't remember what), and said, That's genius!" Sister Naka didn't quite catch the whole conversation, so she asked, "What's genius?" Abd Sister Robertson said, "Like, smart." Bwahahaha :) Sister Naka just about died laughing. it was an honest mistake on both parts, but it sure made for a  fun time in our apartment :) You probably had to be there for this to be funny... Oh well, you get to hear it anyways.
·   Arlington: So the mission tradition is that all the missionaries that will be leaving the mission in the next 6 months take a trip to Arlington National Cemetery with the President and his wife. there is a trip in April and a trip (usually) in October. My Arlington trip is next Monday! What?? How did that happen? I'm so excited, but it's so weird to think that means I'm leaving the mission soon. I'll have lots of pictures for you next week! 
·   Marriage Sunday: Yesterday was marriage Sunday. Every. Single. Lesson. Was on marriage. I know you're thinking, "Sister Bullock, you're in a singles ward. Duh!" But no, this doesn't happen in this ward. Except for yesterday. It was weird. And awkward. Like, those lessons as a single person are always hard to sit through, but as a missionary, they become like 10x more weird. I'm glad I don't have to worry about that right now :)
·   Festival: Festival of lights is coming! It's almost here! Only about a month left!! I'm so excited! I can't wait!
Ooooookay. that about sums up my life right now :) I hope you enjoyed it! I love you all so much! I love missionary work so much! And I love my Heavenly Father so much! I love my Savior, too! I have loved highlighting the names of Christ in my scriptures during our mission wide Book of Mormon read! It's so neat to hear and see all the different titles He has. And to discover why He holds this title. I love the scriptures. Thank you all for your love and support! HAve a wonderful week, and don't forget to pray!
 Love, Sister Bullock

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