Thursday, November 21, 2013

Training with Elder Zwick...Letter dated November 18, 2013

What a week it has been! I haven't had anytime in my area, really, but I have had plenty of training with Elder Zwick! So cool! List time?
·  Companions: I love them :) They are so great. We're always laughing and just having fun together! It makes the work so enjoyable (not that it was hard to enjoy the work before...) Love them! 
Sisters Nakatsuka, Bullock, and Robertson

·  Naka news: Sister Nakatsuka is doing better. She's out and about a lot of the time. It's been awhile since she's been down. She just can't eat meat or raw veggies and she's good... Usually. It's so strange!! Also, her father has been called as a Mission President! They are just waiting for their assignment :) Exciting, eh? It will most likely be in Japan!
·  Nils: He's our new ward mission leader. He's pretty much awesome. Very action minded which is exactly what this ward needs! He's reforming the ward mission plan and redefining the ward missionaries calling. Could be really cool :) Actually, I know it will be really cool! I'm excited for all these changes. But I was wondering, how many of you have read or have a copy of your ward mission plan? It would be cool if everyone knew and was a part of the ward mission plan! You should find a copy! Missionary work can bless your life just as much as it has blessed mine! Help your local missionaries out! :)
·  Jordan: Please send some extra prayers his way. He needs it :(
·  Transfers: We didn't have our transfer meeting with President! So now, I really have no idea what will happen this transfer! I'm so excited about that! I love the surprise of it all! :) I'm so grateful though, that I have at least another week in this area! I love DC2nd! It's pretty much my favorite!
·  Self reflection: I've been doing this a lot lately (self reflection or whatever). And I've come to realize just how terrible I am at living in the moment! I'm downright awful at it! I'm always looking ahead to the future! Which isn't always a bad thing, but I've made a goal for myself that I will live more in the moment and less in the future.
·  Christmas: The above being said... I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS! It's almost here :) 39 days until Christmas day! Oh shoot... That means I have 38 days until I dance in front of the whole Mormon community in this area... Ha, I should probably get serious about choreographing this thing. I worked a little bit on it today. I'll keep working on it. (And mom, I promise I'll get someone to film it. You might be the only one to watch it though... I'm SUPER rusty. So it's kind of embarrassing)
·  Weather: So Christmas is in 39 days... And it's 68 degrees outside! What happened to fall and winter? It's like summer out there (not that I'm complaining!) It's just strange.
·  Stake Conference: The Saturday session was soooo good! I heard Sunday was good, too. (I was there, but talking to Jordan after one of the roughest nights of his life, so I didn't hear any of it.) But I'll share some of my favorite quotes with you from Saturday, if you don't mind! (The whole conference was on missionary work) "Faith will overcome doubt" "we need to sign ourselves up for the missionary marathon! Don't let it pass you by" "Where is heaven, is it very far? When you're with those you love, it's right where you are" "What more could I have done?" "The work of salvation started way before we came to this Earth" "Save yourself, save your family, share the message" "We must unite" I know these are all out of context, but apply them how you'd like :) Hooray for missionary work <3
·  Philippines: Oh my goodness, the typhoon! Guess what, Elder Zwick is in charge of that portion of the world, so he was getting updates about it in every meeting we had with him. Kind of weird to hear breaking news as a missionary. But he showed us pictures of the first 20 missionaries coming into the MTC in Manilla from Tacloban. Wow. I can't even describe what it was like looking at those missionaries who had just fought for their lives only 36 hours before we viewed those photos. He told us many of their stories and there was a certain reverence as he did so. What is truly amazing though is that all 206 missionaries in that mission survived. And now they have all been reassigned and are back out in the field! I have a great respect for those missionaries. May our prayers continue to be with them and their families.
Elder Zwick
·  Elder Zwick: Incredible. I loved this week just because of him. I was with him all day Thursday, all day Friday,Saturday evening, and Sunday morning. I loved every second of it! I would go so far to say that it was life changing! He has completely changed my mission! I have learned so much about teaching, about listening, about loving, about questions, about the work in general. And I learned a little about post-mission stuff, too. But that's not important. I think my favorite lesson I've learned from him was the difference between work, and work. Let me explain. So in Spanish, there are 2 translations of work: Trabajo and obra. He said that usually, when we talk about missionary work, we use obra, which is more a passion for the work. But he said we need more trabajo, which is the physical, or manual labor. I couldn't agree more. I'm tired of just having passion and love for the work! I want to get down to hard work! I want to be able to say I'm truly giving everything I have to this work! Trabajo!!

Okay, enough of my ranting! I love you all! So much! Thank you for your love and support! You all have really helped me through these past 14 months! You are the greatest!! I love and miss you! Continue to be happy and safe and healthy! See you soon!

Love, Sister Bullock

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