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Letter dated Oct 21, 2013 .....AND PICTURES from the last 6 months!!

Hey guys :)
Welp, this letter will probably be super short. But I do have a few things to update you on. None of them are of any importance (as usual), but they all make my life a little bit more fun :)
·  Sister J: Ah! My heart misses her greatly, but she is doing so well! For those of you who were wondering, she went to Bowie! My last area before DC2! I was so excited for her! And she loves it out there :) I still have 1 VC shift with her, so that is nice. But she's doing well way out there.
·  Sister Naka: Oh, my Japanese princess :) How I love her! She is fantastic! She's been resting a lot this week, which is good! I want her to get better so she can return to full work! Even though she's sick, she's so cheerful and just as funny as ever! I love being companions with my sister! It's so great! Hopefully she'll be able to come out and work with us soon! Oh! And I'll send you a video soon of the Naka Jump :) This is something I'll definitely be teaching my kids some day.
·  Sister Merida: Uh, I mean... Sister Robertson! Remember that one time, our family was driving to San Deigo, and we were stranded in little nowhere Victorville? And so we went to their mall and watched Brave? well, I had no idea that when I was watching that movie, I was looking at my future companion! It's hilarious! Sister R is EXACTLY like Merida. Hilarious. I can't think of any other way to describe her! I wish I could tell you how much fun I really have serving with her, but I can't. You'd just have to see it and experience it to understand! Love her!
·  Barlow stuff again: I feel like I talk about the Barlow Center all the time now, but I really just love all these kids! Last night, they held a mini "Why I Believe" fireside at the Barlow, and encouraged/invited so many people to come! There was a pretty good turnout :) And there were 3 wonderful speakers that had great insights! One was a student at GW, one was an intern living at the Barlow, and the last was a member of the ward that was baptized  years ago. Ah! Just so good! I love being able to learn what informs someone's beliefs. It's just so cool! And our investigator, Tory, was able to come :) She really enjoyed it!
·  A fake I am not: Some of you have questioned my true love for staying in this ward. I am here to tell you that I truly love this ward so much! When I come back and visit my mission, this ward will be the one I visit. It has become my home ward. I feel like it is my ward! I'm a part of it, and it's a part of me :) And all the members of the ward I talk to are amazed that I'm still here, but they tell me that now I can't ever leave. I'm okay with that! I really, really hope I finish out here. (And now that this is what I want, Heavenly Father will send me elsewhere. But that's okay, I guess. He knows better than I do.)
·  VC: I love the Visitors' Center. And I love being here ALL the time :) You get to meet so many different people and here their life stories and it's just so fantastic! There is nothing better. Truly. My duties as trainer #2 aren't really any different. I just have more responsibilities. And more is expected of me, which is kind of scary. I still don't feel like I know anything or how to handle anything. But I'm trying, and Heavenly Father is helping me out. I have high hopes for this transfer :) I think it will be a good one.
Um... Yeah, I think that is all of it :) I hope you all have a great week! As always, thank you for your love and support! I feel so blessed and loved out here. The Lord takes care of His missionaries, and I know He is taking care of you all, too. Have faith, be strong, and take courage. With Christ, all things are possible.

Love, Sister Bullock

Photos from the last 6 months:
Sister Bullock with a snowball tree April 2013

Sisters Bullock and  Lavrentyva

Serving at the Food Bank April 2013

Signs on a door in Sister Bullock's apartment

Sister Bullock and Sister Smith May 2013

Sunrise on the mall

Sister Bullock and Sister Wankier

Jocelyn and Sister Bullock

Matching outfits for  Trainer/Trainee meeting Sisters Croese and Bullock

Saying goodbye to President Matsumori June 2013

Sister Matsumori and Sister Bullock June 2013

In the Visitors' Center with President Matsumori

All ready for the 4th of July in DC 2013!!

4th of July parade 2013

Jocelyn, Sister Bullock, and Sister Croese

Saying goodbye to Sister Brown

Sister Jorgenson, Sister Croese, and Sister Bullock

Jocelyn and Sister Bullock

Sister Natkasuka and Sister Bullock

Can you tell which "flat" is Sister Bullock's?

The view from Jordan's apartment

President Cooke's daughter Elizabeth and Sister Bullock

Sister Bullock loves big dogs

Matching for trainer/trainee meeting Sisters Bullock and Jorgenson

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Zone outing to the Great Falls

Look what we found!

National Zoo August 2013

The story of a missionary....

Mirror fun with Sister J

The Luther Burger ( yes, it is on 2 Krispe Kreme doughnuts)

The National Cathedral

Washington DC Temple at night

The Nationals Game Sept 2013

This photo is especially for Sister Bullock's dad....and yes, he is jealous!

A Day of Service Sept 2013

Panorama of Washington DC Temple grounds - Visitors' Center on the right 

Hand knit slippers from Sister Bullock's Aunt Sheree

A sweet letter to Sister Bullock

CTR ring

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