Sunday, October 20, 2013

P-day is changing to Mondays....Letter dated Oct 18, 2013

Hi everyone!
It's transfer time!! But we will get to that eventually :) List first! (Insert evil laugh here)
·  Surprise family reunion: Well, kind of. This was one of the highlights of this week! So there was this couple in the Visitors Center, and as they were walking out, Elder Burnham stops them and asks them where they are from. The lady says she's originally from Canada. I love anything Canadian, and I always have to ask where in Canada they are from. When she told me Calgary, I replied that my father grew up there! She asked where I'm from, and I told her that all the Bullock's are up in Wellling. She looked at my name tag immediately, and excited tells me, "I'm Jonica's sister!!" Oh my goodness! It was so cool! Definitely a tender mercy from the Lord! Linda and I aren't directly related, but it was still cool! I should have grabbed a picture with her! Maybe next time :) So that was fun...
·  I love the scriptures: Every time I read the scriptures, I realize just how much I love them. This week I found a new favorite! Alma 48:10! The Cause of Christians! How epic is that!! it's so powerful! That's what I'm doing! I'm defending the cause of Christians so that we may live unto the Lord our God!
Alma 48:10 And thus he was preparing to asupport their liberty, their lands, their wives, and their children, and their peace, and that they might live unto the Lord their God, and that they might maintain that which was called by their enemies the cause ofbChristians.
·  Interns: So basically, the Barlow Center is the coolest place on earth! I love the interns we have this semester! We spent all of Sunday afternoon out next to the Potomac river talking to people and inviting them to a Why I Believe fireside that they are holding at the Barlow. It's going to be so sweet! But the girls we went out with are fire balls! They were so excited to be out doing missionary work! We gave out 5 copies of the Book of Mormon, and over 10 people committed to come to the fireside!
The Barlow Center
Sister Jorgenson and Sister Bullock with interns

·  Trainer: I'm still a Visitors Center trainer! In fact, I'm trainer #2 now! I just got used to my trainer #3 duties, and I get to learn other duties! Yay! No, but really, I'm excited! I love learning new things and having new experiences! And I won't need learn anymore new duties until January... Maybe. We'll see what happens in January. You never know...
·  Newbies: All 7 of the new sisters came in, including Sister Rowley! (Mom's note:  Sister Rowley is someone who has followed Kelsey's blog and is now serving in WDCN mission) She's so adorable!! They are all so cute! I was slightly freaking out about having 7 new English sisters all at once, but when I met and saw them last night I knew that this is where they needed to be and WHEN they needed to be here! It was such a cool moment to receive that witness from the spirit! Now they just need to have that witness for themselves... If they haven't already :) Ah! Love them!
·  P-day changes: Today (Wednesday) is p-day. Starting next week, p-day will be Monday! I don't know if that changes anything for you, but I will have another p-day on Monday the 21st. Just so you know :)
·  Sister Word: She left me today :( We all have that one sister or whatnot that kinda takes you under their wing when you arrive in the mission... Sister Word was my wing. We had this special friendship that I will cherish forever! It was so hard to say goodbye to her today! But, she'll have fun in Vegas... Back to normal life. I miss her already!
·  Sister Jorgenson: I love her so much! I was so spoiled having her as a companion! She was so perfect for me! She is literally my best friend here in the Washington DC North Mission. I don't want her to ever go to Brazil! I can't imagine this place without her now! But we both have the feeling that she will be leaving in 6 weeks. It's sad, but at the same time, if she doesn't leave at the end of this transfer, I don't think she'll be going to Brazil at all. Which is also sad. Too many mixed emotions! Ah! She's such a good missionary though :) She's grown alot these past few weeks, and I'm so proud of her!
·  NEW COMPANIONS: Yep, plural! I'm back in a trio! First, I have Sister Nakatsuka (from Japan)! She's my sister in the mission! We were in the MTC at the same time, had VC training together, and flew out to the North mission together!! And now we're companions! This has been a dream of our all mission long! YAY! Then, I have Sister Robertson (from Utah)! She's another visa waiter called to Brazil! She's so adorable! She's tiny, tiny and has bright red curly hair, just like Brave!! This is going to be such a great transfer! We're going to have so much fuuuun! :) I'm a happy camper!
Sister Robertson

Sisters Bullock and Natkasuka (on their first day in DC)

·  Transfers: The moment you've all been waiting for!! (Did I really create suspense here? I don't know... If not, just pretend that I did, okay? Make it fun and exciting!) TRANSFER UPDATES! Where am I, you ask? I'm... in... DC 2ND SINGLES WARD! Yeah! Crazy, right? I'm going into my 5th transfer in the singles ward!! It's insanity!!! Maybe I'll finish my mission here! I only have 18 weeks left, so I might as well! I really actually hope I finish my mission in this ward! It will be so fun! But it's too soon to be thinking of next transfer :) But yeah. I'm going to be here forever! :)
Okay, so there you have it! That is my life as of now! Fun stuff, eh? I'm just really grateful for this opportunity I have to serve the Lord as a missionary. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! When I serve later in life with my eternal companion, it will be completely different! I'm just so humbled by this chance to serve while I'm young. To devote all my time, talents and efforts to my Heavenly Father and His work! It's the best! I love it and I'm so happy! Mission life forever!! Thank you all for your love and support :)

Love, Sister Bullock


  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE this blog!! I was called to this mission a few weeks ago and I report January 29th. I'm getting more and more excited while reading this. She is amazing, I hope I can be as great of a missionary as she is! I can't wait! (:

  2. Hi Celeste, you will absolutely love the WDCN mission. Good luck with all of your preparations. If you have any questions, feel free to email me @