Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's Conference Weekend! Letter dated Oct 2, 2013

Well, hello there!
This week has been exciting and busy and packed with fun!! And it's only going to get better! So let me tell you about it :)
·  Mercy: I love Mercy so much! She's one of the many reasons I love the ward I'm in! She's so sweet and wonderful and compassionate and beautiful and, well, I could go on forever. but really, I just love her. The other night she surprised us (Sister J and I) with a bag full of gifts! Face wash and acne creams for me (how sweet!), lotion and make up for Sister J, and cookies for us to share! How thoughtful is that?? She is just too good for us! And, I think the wash and cream are really helping :) Yay!
·  Sewing: I really wish I had paid more attention in my home making classes in 7th grade... Because I don't really know how to sew. And now I'm finding I need to. I have sewed more of my clothes this week than I ever have before. It's slightly ridiculous. but, I'm learning now so i guess it's okay.
·  Exchanges: Going on exchanges is so fun! It's probably one of my favorite assignments as a Visitors Center Trainer! Getting to spend time with other Sisters, especially the new Sisters, is so much fun! Learning their teaching styles and finding ways to help them feel more comfortable and confident... It's just so fun! I can't even begin to describe how cool it is :) I love being a missionary!
·  TIMBERRRRR; This past Saturday, Sister J and I had another fun service opportunity! We went just down the street and cut down HUGE bamboo stalks and fed them to the wood chipper :) It was really fun! And even though bamboo is super light, I still felt strong and cool, haha. I'm neither, but it's all good. I have really come to love service on my mission! It is so wonderful just going out and doing something good for the community or for someone in need . Tis good for the soul :)
·  Sister J and dogs: So the other night, Sister J and I were stopped at a stop light, and a dog in a cone (of shame) walks by, and of course I have to point him out. And Sister J just starts laughing uncontrollably! Hysterical laughter was coming from the passenger seat. Then this lady stops the dog and his owner and starts petting the dog, and the dog leans against the lady and almost knocks her over... And this only causes Sister J to laugh even harder. I was worried that she would stop breathing, she was laughing so hard. In fact, she started crying. All because of a dog in a cone. This is why I love my companion :) "That dog looks so dumb!"
·  Speaking of such: Sister J is awesome! No word yet on her visa, but I secretly hope she stays for Festival. That would be so cool, and she would be completely perfect for such things. But I also hope she goes to Brazil soon... That is where she is called. And I know Heavenly father has a plan for her there. But I'm slightly selfish and I want her to be here for as long as possible. I'll keep you updated.
·  Barlow Center: We have an awesome group of BYU interns at the Barlow this semester! I love them all so much! They are fun and driven. When they work, they work hard. When they play, they play hard. As demonstrated in their Family Home Evening activities. Last week, they had a So You Think You Can Dance activity, which was super fun! We (Sister J and I) even got to participate! It was hilarious! But this past Monday was SO intense, and I was so grateful that I had a name tag on. They played kissing rugby! Have you ever heard of that? If not, go look it up on youtube. It's so funny! Sister J and I were laughing hard the whole time! I have a couple pretty great quotes for you: Guy-"I feel like Frodo when the  spider jumps on him.. Just like AH!" Girl-"Thanks?" Guy-"But in a good way" (ha!) or, (Guy hugs girl before kissing her forehead)-"It's not really a kiss if you harpoon them one!"
·  Facebook: I'm starting to like working on facebook more. I think I might be figuring it out a little bit? I don't know, maybe not. Maybe I'm just over the shock of it all. But, hopefully it'll continue to be useful! I've had some great contacts already :) So I'm a happy missionary. I love being a missionary! YAY! Ps. Thanks for helping me stay obedient and such! You are all so great!

·  CONFERENCE: I am SO overly excited for conference! Actually, is it possible to be overly excited for conference? I'm not sure! But conference as a missionary is like going to Disney World. It would be better than Christmas if we didn't get to talk to our families on Christmas day. It's that good. And it's this weekend!! Ah! I'm so excited! Have you prepared you questions yet? NO? It's okay, you still have time. Take some time this week, form a question, something you really want an answer to. I would even suggest you write your question down! then pray about it every chance you get. Ask Heavenly Father to help your heart and mind (and ears) be open to hear the answers he has for you! I promise you that if you do this, you will receive the answer you need! So try it! Then let me know how it goes!
Mmmm, i think that's about it. We're teaching some cool kids (okay, one awesome girl!) So, I'll try to keep you updated on that from time-to-time. Just know that it's all good for now :) I love being a missionary!! Okay, now I'm really done. I love you all so much and I miss you, too! Please keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers. Favorite quote time; "When we want to talk to God, we call it prayer. When God speaks to us, we call it revelation" (Elder Bednar, I think). but there are many ways to receive revelation! Prayer, scriptures, church, temple attendance... the list goes on, and on!
I love you all so much! Have a great week! Stay safe and happy!
love, Sister Bullock

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