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Letter Dated Oct 9, 2013

Oct 9, 2013
This week has been lots of fun :) But, everyday with Sister J is fun, so that's not really news! It's getting colder here! And the trees are turning gorgeous colors! I forgot how much I actually like the fall... Anywho, you didn't come here to hear about the weather! Onto the list!
·  Sister J: She's basically the greatest thing right now :) She's fun and bubbly and full of spunk! She makes missionary work become missionary fun! Sadly, I'm pretty sure that today is my last p-day with her :( One of us is being transfered, but I won't say who! It's just really sad. I've really enjoyed these past 5 weeks! And it's all her fault! But! It's okay, I guess...
·  Just in case you wanted to know: "You're welcome" is not the appropriate response to someone saying excuse me.
·  Also, for your information: The entire Washington DC North mission is cleared to use facebook! Now all of the Sister's are going through what Sister J and I went through 3 weeks ago- the shock, the disgust, the saddness, and the trunky stuff. It's not fun starting facebook as a missionary, but it gets better. Poor Sisters though. It's tough! But! This means the work will progress and hasten! As we get more comfortable and figure out what we are doing, using facebook will be so awesome!
·  Marriage: One of my favorite things about being in a singles ward is the fact that newly engaged couples tell you their stories. Some of them are REALLY funny. Everything that can go wrong, goes wrong... But they still end up engaged :) Sister J and I have had some good laughs lately.
·  Odd moment of the week: So this one time, a priest walked across the street with a 24 pack of beer. We were so confused!
·  I spy a Mormon: I love playing this game! Although, people usually spot me before I spot them. It's fun! "I didn't mean to listen in, but I'm a Mormon, too!"
·  So this one time: I forgot we had a shift at the VC on Tuesday morning (I thought it wasTuesday night shift). I was wrong. ...Oops. Good thing his isn't a paying job. I think I would have been fired!
·  Why I love being a Sister: I can get away with heart attacking someones door :) Cute little hearts taped all over a door just wouldn't be as cute coming from an Elder...
·  Dinner: Dinners here in the singles ward are so great! Usually, Sister J and I eat with the sisters of the ward... But the other night, we ate with some other the men... It was probably the funniest dinner I've ever had! I laughed until I cried! It was great :) I seriously love this ward!
·  Exchanges: This week, I went on an exchange with Sister Balls! She is one of my very, very favorite Sisters here :) She's from Idaho! It was a great exchange... Mostly because we also went to an ice cream place called Brusters. It is divine. It might even rival Reeds Dairy.
·  Family Home Evening: This week, Sister J and I taught FHE at the Barlow Center! It was so fun! We are trying to use the Barlow as more of a missionary tool, so we had the interns write their testimonies in a copy of the Book of Mormon, then we gave some advice on how to give it to either a coworker or a friend or something. It was really fun :) I love this group of students! They might be my favorite batch yet!
·  Conference: Okay, first of all, wasn't conference amazing?? Don't worry, if you missed it, it is still on line. Go check it out! Also, during the Sunday morning session, which we were watching at the Barlow, there was a protest outside our building!! At first it sounded like 1 guy standing outside our building, yelling like crazy. Then it got louder and louder and sounded like there were more people. At one point, I got up and left the session to see what was happening. It was some group of people protesting something political. I don't really know what (I still live under a rock) but it was kinda of weird. But it was neat how even though there were people yelling just outside out door, the spirit was still so strong as we heard the Apostles and the Prophet speaking to us! I love Conference!! Only 6 months til the next one!
Okay, I think this is all I have to report on this week! I love and miss you all! Thank you for your love and support! You are all the greatest! Thank you thank you thank you! Remember, the Lord remembers His promises to His children. Heavenly Father is with you to help you, support you, and guide you. You just have to trust him :)
Love, Sister Bullock
Sister Bullock loves the DC Temple and being a missionary

Getting ready to help at the day of Service Sept 2013

Sister Jorgensen and Sister Bullock at the day of service Sept 2013

Sister Jorgensen and Sister Bullock Oct 2013

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