Sunday, September 8, 2013

Transfer Week! Letter dated Sept 4th

Well, hey there!
It's transfer day again... Are you ready for it? So let's get into the list!
·   Transfers: A few things have happened!
1) I'm in the singles ward for a 4th transfer! A record for sure. No Elder stays in the YSA for more than 2 transfer, and no sister Sister stays for more than 3... But, you know me. Always breaking the norm.
2) I'm still training Sister Jorgensen! I'm super happy about that! She's so wonderful! I think this transfer will be so great! Hard work, here we come!!
3) Sister Croese was moved! She is opening a new area for Sisters up in the Gaithersburg area with one of my favorite Sisters (Sister Balls), who is also training again this transfer! It should be an interesting transfer for that trio, but we know they can do it! They are the toughest and the strongest Sisters! That greenie sure is lucky! Sister Jorgensen and I sure miss our little Dutch girl though. It's not the same without her!
·   Mountains To Climb: So this past weekend was really tough for me. There were just a few things that just completely fell apart. I felt like the ultimate failure- as a missionary, as a trainer, and as a leader in the mission. It was awful. But the wonderful Hermana Word let me cry on her shoulder, then found Elder Petramalo who gave me the most wonderful and loving blessing. I'm so thankful for worthy priesthood holders! The Lord spoke peace to my heart and mind, and I was able to patch things up a bit. This has been the absolute hardest time on my mission, but the greatest time of growth! I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ which makes it possible for us to change! I'm grateful for the opportunities I have as a missionary to come closer to my Savior as I help my brothers and sisters do so as well. I am grateful for this time to work. This gospel is true and I love it so much! I am SO blessed!
·   I love the Visitors' Center: Saturday night was one of the coolest nights at the Visitors' Center EVER! We had a group of 15-30 Muslim clergy come in. We had 5 minute warning of their arrival! Hermana Clement and I were assigned to talk to/ teach these men! Except... That we're women. It would have been very disrespectful for us, as women, to try to teach these men in a formal setting like this. So! The wonderful Elder Burnham stood up front of Theater 1 and taught these men while Hermana Clement and I sat in the back with the only other woman in the room. We just listened Elder Burnham teach and answer questions. the spirit was SO strong! It was truly amazing! After a 45 minute Q&A, they all went out into the Visitors Center and walked and talked with Sisters all over. They loved the Family Proclamation and the service exhibit. A few of them requested copies of the Book of Mormon. It was just so cool to see faiths coming together and learning from one another. I love being a Visitors' Center Sister!
·   Old: I am 8 days away from my year mark. Weird. (Sept 12th)
·   FHE: This past Sunday, we had the chance to go to the Cooke's home to have Family Home Evening with them! We brought a recent convert named Mercy and she loved it! There was a great spiritual thought, and a fun game and delicious food! It was just so fun and a great way to invite people to feel what it is like to have a church family and to feel the spirit! I loved it so much! Speaking of the Cookes, I love them! They are such a great family, and such great leaders! So wonderful, and I love working with them!
·   Oops: I forgot to tell you something else about transfers, but I'm too lazy to scroll back up and put it there. I am now a Visitors' Center Trainer. So I'm not just the area trainer anymore. It's weird. I have A LOT more responsibility now. Hopefully I can handle it. And now we're in the Visitors Center a whole lot more, too. Let's hope our area gets stronger this transfer!
·   Christmas: I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! I hope it hurries! I can't wait for the lights, and the trees and the Creche exhibit, and all the people, and caroling people out of the Visitors Center, and for the performances, and for the Christmas Eve/ Christmas party! And of course I can't wait to talk to me family :) I'm just so excited!
·   Also: I forgot to mention this about transfers, too. But again, I'm too lazy. We moved apartments. Again. But now, I have roommates!! I finally have roommates for the first time on my mission! I think I set a record of going a year without roommates. Kinda fun :) Hopefully it's cool.
Anyways, that's all I have for this week! I love you all! Thank you for your love and support! Have fun, be safe, and remember Heavenly Father loves you! Also, please read Mosiah 14:5. Love you!

Love, Sister Bullock
Mosiah 14:5
 But he was awounded for our btransgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are chealed.

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