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It's been a year! Letter dated Sept 11, 2013

This week has been one full of laughter and good times :) I truly love being a missionary! And, as usual, I have a list for you... This one is kind of big. A lot has happened!
·  Keys: So last week, I mentioned that we moved apartments. Well, in our old apartment, we never locked our door. No one in the... In our building locks their door. Except for our new roommies. So here it is, 10pm, we're helping the previous sisters move out of our new apartment... And Sister Jorgensen and I didn't think to bring a key. And neither did our roommates. Yep. Locked out. We finally got the door unlocked at 12am :) It was a fun adventure that taught us to never, ever forget our keys.
·  Food: Sister Jorgensen loves food. Really, really loves food. So this last Friday, we found out just how much she loves to eat. One of the members in our ward made her The Lutherburger. it's a pound patty with bleu cheese melted on top, 6 strips of bacon, sauteed mushrooms and onions AND 2 Krispy Kreme donuts for the buns. SHE ATE IT ALL. The member was really impressed. He made me a baby one (like 1/4 of the normal size). It actually didn't taste bad, but I could feel my arteries closing with every bite I took... And that was just the baby burger! But, Sister J ate it all and then 2 and 1/2 more donuts. "What else can I feed you?" (David wanted to see just how much she could eat. It was hilarious)
·  Sister J: I love her :) She so happy and positive! I think this is going to be a great transfer.
·  Staying with the current theme: Again, Sister J loves food. And she talks about chicken and waffles like it's Heaven on earth! So, when I saw chicken and waffle chips, I had to get them for her. You have probably all heard about the contest... i didn't because I live in the mission bubble. But, Sister J explained it all to me, so we're good. But, the chips are okay. They taste like chicken noodle soup with syrup. But you all probably know that, too.

·  Unity Walk: Sunday was one of the coolest days on my mission!! We were able to participate in the 9/11 Unity Interfaith Walk! It was so cool! We walked down Mass Ave with all these different people from all these different faiths and just talked about life. We visited a Sikh temple and they served us the most wonderful food! And then went to the National Cathedral! It's beautiful. Then we went and visited with some Hindi people. They were really kind, and loved to talk! Then we went over to a Greek Orthodox church and they were so funny :) I won't bore you with the rest of the list, but it was just a really fun day, with a lot of great experiences! We're not really different, you know. We all have faith, and we're all working towards some kind of salvation! It was so neat to see that!
·  Book of Mormon: So our mission is basically awesome. For the next 3 transfers (this one and the 2 after it) we are reading the Book of Mormon together! And we're using 3 colors for the 3 different things we want to learn about: 1. Missionary purpose, 2. Doctrine of Christ, and 3. the Atonement (I added a fourth topic/color for names of Christ). It's so cool! I'm super far behind because 1 hour of study is never enough, but I've loved the experience of a study-by-topic read so far. You should try it sometime.
·  Time: This will be the last time I write this in an email. But one year ago today, I was set apart as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Tomorrow will be my anniversary of entering the MTC! How did time go by so fast?? This has been the best and hardest year of my life!
Sept 11, 2012 - heading to Utah right after being set apart as a missionary 

A brand new missionary in the MTC Sept 2012
·  Why missionaries get fat: Proverbs 28:25
25 He that is of a aproud heart stirreth up bstrife: but he that putteth his ctrust in the Lord shall be dmade fat.
·  On that note: My companion and I run to the temple every morning. It sucks and it's a hard run, but it should be good... Or something like that.
·  I love the temple: That's about it. I love the temple and I love it more and more everyday I'm at the Visitors Center... Which is a lot these days.
·  Dog hungry: I never realized how much I love dogs until I became a missionary. I'm seriously dog hungry. I talk to anyone who has a dog, I point out every dog I see, I get super jealous of anyone who has a dog! It's bad. I can't wait to see my puppy again!!
·  Nats game: Guess what! We get to go to another Nats game this Friday!! It's Mormon night at the park... So of course the missionaries are going :) I'm REALLY excited :)
·  Pack the Pantries: Day to Serve is back!! This year we are involved with a project called Pack the Pantries. All the food donations go to the DC Area Food Bank, and then go to those who need it most. It's really cool. We (the ward) are trying to double our efforts from last year. So far, it's been pretty great! I love service projects!!
·  Dork: I am one.
·  Snakes: Last night, I saw a snake while driving! So of course, I stopped the car, threw it in park, got out and took pictures of it. I LOVE SNAKES! It was fairly big, too. Not a garden snake- much too big for that. So I don't know what he was... Except for awesome! But, now I have a joke for you! 2 snakes were slithering along together and one turns to the other and says, "'ey Bob, are we poisonous?" "Yeah, mate! Super poisonous!" "Awe dang, I just bit me lip" (I laughed for a good long while about that one. Hope you enjoyed it)
·  Perks of being companions with Sister J: We have a new investigator! He's a friend of Sister J's. He's studying to be a Catholic priest, and he's super awesome :) I'll keep you updated on that one.
I love my mission. I love being a missionary. I love my companion. I love the work. I love the area. I love the ward. I love the scriptures. I love the gospel. I love the Lord. I love everything about everything right now. the Lord takes care of His missionaries. Than you all for your love and support! Have fun, be safe, and know that Heavenly Father loves YOU!

Love, Sister Bullock

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