Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 24, 2013 Transfer day!!!

July 24, 2013
Transfer day!!!

Sister Croese and I stayed together, and we're still in DC 2nd YSA! We unfortunately don't live in the District anymore, instead we live 5 minutes from the temple with 1/2 the mission. So that's kind of cool. Oh, and I'm training another Sister!! Yep, 2 trainees at once!! Introducing Sister Jorgenson! She's so cool :) She's actually here until she can get her visa for Brazil, but I still have her for 2 transfers (hopefully)! She's from Virginia, and super sweet! I'm such a blessed missionary! Oh, and I'm also the Visitor Center Area trainer. So really I just help train the sisters in the Visitors Center and help with exchanges... But I'm not a full Visitors Center trainer (thank goodness). So I have a lot on my plate right now! We'll see how this all goes :) But I'm super, super excited and happy! I LOVE being a missionary! It's the best thing ever!

First of all, happy birthday to my wonderful mother!!!! I know I'm super late on that, so please forgive me! But I love you so much! I wish I could've been there to celebrate with you! And you're a business owner??? WHAT!!!!! That's so cool! Congratulations! AH!!!!

Second, congratulations to Cesar and Jessie!!! College graduates!!! Ah! I'm so proud of both of you!! I love you so much! (PS. I may or may not have cried when I saw Jess in her cap and gown...)

This week hasn't been too interesting... Sunday night was the Why I believe fireside where the Cooke's spoke! They both had great talks and they have wonderful testimonies :) I loved listening to them :) Also, they had a missionary chorus sing a medley of missionary themed primary songs, ha, and we may or may not have been in it... (You'll get a video of that soon). We dropped Jeweleon and Antuan because there wasn't any form of progression there :( It's sad to drop people, but sometimes you have to drop them to make room for those that are truly prepared. Amora is great! Still as funny as ever :) We're trying to meet with her soon (like this weekend), so I'll update you next week. Then there is this other girl named Hannah who asked to come to church with some friends. Obviously her friends said yes and they brought her to our ward! She seemed to enjoy church, and we have an appointment with her later this week! Again, look for that next week! Other than that, we just need prayers for our finding efforts, haha. We need investigators!!! But, our recent converts are great! Jocelyn and Jordan are the greatest people ever and I love them so much! I don't want Jocelyn to go back to Idaho :) We did have some sweet thunderstorms this week though! That was cool! I have missed these good summer thunderstorms!

I can't really remember what else is going on... Or has gone on... My brain is still kind of a mess because of this surprise training opportunity thing. Please forgive me :) But! I love you all! Thank you so much for everything!! You are all so great! Have a great week! Remember that the Lord loves you, and so do I!

Love, Sister Bullock

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