Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hello from the jungle! Letter dated July 31, 2013

Hello from the jungle!       

The weather has been a little humid this week so I feel like I'm in the jungle. I'm hot and sticky all the time! But, it's better than being cold and having dry, cracked skin, I suppose! It's a love/hate thing.

I love my life right now! Double training is so awesome!! I love both of my daughters (mission term. Maybe I shouldn't use it? I don't know. Oh, well...)!! I love being with them! There isn't a day that goes by without us laughing super hard and writing something in our quote book! It's great! So some of you asked how studies go in the morning since I have to do different things with them as far as the 12 week training goes. So let me tell you! This was such a cool moment with Heavenly Father where He just laid it out for me and showed me how to do it! So The first hour, I'm with Sister Croese doing the second 6 weeks of training, and Sister Jorgenson is doing personal study. The second hour we're all together planning for our day and learning about mission rules. The third hour I'm with Sister Jorgenson for the first 6 weeks of training and Sister Croese is doing personal study. then! In the fought hour, my companions do language study and I have personal study time. So, 4 hours of studies in the morning gets the job done. OI! It's a lot but it's okay. But yeah! So things there are great! 

OH! But we found out today that with our new apartment, we have to use quarters for our laundry... I never have quarters on me so I guess I'll be finding ways to get quarters each week now haha :) Such is life! 

I don't have anything to report with our investigators... because we don't have any... But we're working on it. We did whats called "chalk talk" this week where you draw with chalk on the sidewalk and talk to people about it. Usually you draw the temple or the plan of salvation or something of the sort. I'll send pictures when I can. 

Today we went on a special capitol tour! the senator of Utah invited all the sisters for a special tour! And we were actually in the capitol at the same time as President Obama. Cool, eh? 

Oh, Elder S isn't in my district :( There is another sister that has a visa waiter and they are in a trio so it might be her. Oh! and we're in a new district! We're not with our Hispanics anymore! It's just us, the Elders in our ward (who also happen to be the zone leaders), and 2 French Elders (one of them is the district leader). 

I haven't really done much as a VC area trainer yet so not much to report there... Except I can tell you that exchanges are real exchanges where you trade companions for a full 24 hours, and then you trade back. It's going to be such a great transfer! I'm so excited! YAY! I love being a missionary, and I love being able to work so closely with the Cookes! They are just wonderful people and I love them so much!! Ah! SO GREAT!

I can't believe I'm almost down to 6 months!! What?? Where has the time gone? this can't be real! 

Oh, one more random thing! Apparently the mission office is holding our mail hostage for unknown reasons... So if I'm not writing you back, chances are I haven't received your letter. Or you haven't written me. Or I run out of time on p-days. Sorry about that :)

Anyway, I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support! You're all the greatest!! Love you and miss you!
Love, Sister Bullock

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