Sunday, July 14, 2013

Letter dated July 10, 2013.....the 4th and more

Because I know you're all dying to hear about the 4th, I'll start with that ;) The 4th was amazing! We went down to the mall at 7am (we didn't do sunrise because the trains didn't run until 7... and we didn't want to walk!) and played soccer and football and Frisbee with some of the sisters. 

Then we went over to the Smithsonian castle (because it was the only open thing that day) and looked around there a bit.
Smithsonian Castle

National Archives  Building
At 10 am, we went and sat outside the National Archives building and listened to some speakers and important people talk, and then they read the Declaration of Independence! That was so cool! Well, for a history nerd like me it was cool. The foreigners in our group kind of didn't care as much as we did... but that's okay. So they mostly stuck together while us 'Mericans celebrated! (missionary style.)

After the reading, we stuck around and held our place so we could see the parade! I had my first hot dog from an street vendor! It was glorious and tasty! And the parade was really fun. I took way too many pictures that  no one will ever want to look at, but that's okay right? :) 

After the parade, Sister Smith, Sister Truman, Sister Croese and I went to Shake Shack and had the most glorious shakes and burgers :) 

All day we talked to members haha. but we did have some opportunities to share the gospel, too! One of them was really funny! We handed him a temple card, and he was like "Oh! I have GOT a story for you! I have got a STORY for you!" And then he told us about this one night he had seen the temple off the Beltway and decided to go see it. So he's like, "So I walked through those big doors, and there's this man behind a desk and he's in all white! EVERYTHING was white! Even his hair!" Haha, we were all laughing so hard! Just the way he was telling us the story was great :)

Then we went and did p-day things that we needed to get done, and Sister Croese really needed to sleep, so I let her do that for awhile. Then we went to the Burnhams apartment! The rumor is that every senior couple that has ever lived in that apartment for the 4th has always had the sisters over for a party and to watch the fireworks. So we went over, had some fun... And then we heard the fireworks... But there was one tree in all the tree line that was taller than the rest and that is where the fireworks were. But, oh well. It was still fun! And that is how the missionaries do DC for the 4th :)

Time is seriously FLYING. I can't believe how fast it's going! This week has been a good one :) We are very blessed! We have been really focusing on being exactly obedient this transfer and we are seeing miracles! We have referrals pouring into our area! And they all seem pretty solid! Jeweleon and Antuan are still pretty cool to talk to, but I don't think that they are ready to progress much. We'll see though. hopefully I'm wrong. Then there is another girl (Amora) that we're really hoping to start teaching this week! We just need to figure out our schedules! She's so fun and so sweet! She's a friend of a girl in the ward. I love working with members!! It's seriously the best way to find good, solid people! 

Sister Croese is still amazing! I love being with her so much! She reminds me to breathe and take a moment to have fun... And I remind her not to sing some certain worldly songs haha. We make a great team. But really, our companionship unity is great! I love teaching with her :) Best companionship ever!

Ps. the heat and humidity really isn't that bad. I think I'll survive. As long as the fireflies stick around. I love catching them every evening with my companion (and whoever else is with us)!

Today has been a pretty good day :) We had zone activity! And our activity today was a giant (seriously it was massive) water balloon fight! We had over 25,000 water balloons! And so I'm trying to dry off as I write this email. I am soaked. Recently I've become good friends with the ASL Elders... So they decided it would be funny to gang us on me and drench me. Mission accomplished, boys. It was so much fun!!

I'm trying to think if I have anything else to say... Mostly just that I love you all and miss you terribly. But I know that this Church is the true Church of Jesus Christ. His gospel has been restored to the Earth in it's fullness. And I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be out here sharing my testimony with everyone I see. This is the best thing I could be doing right now, and I love it. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! 

Thank you again for all your love and support. I love you, I love you, I love you!
Love, Sister Bullock

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