Sunday, May 5, 2013

Transfers :) May 1, 2013

Hello and stuff :)
Today was transfer day and I'm out of Bowie! Kind of sad, but I'm sure I'll love my new area! I THOUGHT I was going to Carrolton to finish training the German sister... BUT I'm not! I am in...

DC 2ND SINGLES WARD! Whaaaaaaat???? :) I'm kind of really excited about it! It might be a little weird being back in a singles ward, but I hear it's so much fun there :) I'm really excited! And, there is a baptism coming up in a couple of weeks... I'm okay with that ;)

My new companion is Sister Smith. She's from Cali! Near Napa! My first American companion... What do I do with that? ;) I'm sure I'll figure it out!
Sister Smith

Sister Lavrentyeva is still in Bowie with the Estonian sister :) They be great. I let them use my GPS because DC2 has a GPS, and Sister Lavrentyeva doesn't know how to get around Bowie at all... But now I feel like Dad worrying about the safety of my electronic device, haha :) I'm sure everything will be alright though.

Alright, so Bowie started picking up again back on Sunday. And already, they have 3 other lessons for the week. My Russian is going to set that area on fire :) It'll be so great. I'm really going to miss my less active families :( Especially the Mertzenich's! They are the sweetest older couple. All they needed was a little bit of love and they've been to church 4 times now. I promised them I'd keep in touch with them even after the mission (and it will happen!). Oh, by the way, Scott #2 is still great, and Cheryl is still stubborn, but all is well with her, too.

Ah! I'm still in shock about my new area. I'm nervous about driving in the city. I'm in downtown DC... Driving is scary. But hey, the Lord has someone here that Sister Smith and I need to teach :) It's going to be a great transfer! I'm really, really, really excited!

You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I love, love, love you all! I can't believe how fast this is all going by! I'll hit my halfway mark this transfer (but who is counting? Not Daddy, that's for sure). It's weeeeeird. Also, I'm now the 2nd oldest sister in the mission (that isn't training). Also weird. The 2 new sisters are from California and Zambia. And next transfer, an Italian sister is coming in... Rumor has it that I will be training her. BUT! That's 6 weeks away still :) So we'll worry about that when we have to.

I love and miss you all! Remember that the Lord lives and Loves you. He knows you personally. Something I've learned this transfer is that love is the answer to everything. If you're struggling with something (or someone), just go love someone. Service, even if it's just a nice conversation with someone, makes everything so much better.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!
Love, Sister Bullock

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