Sunday, April 28, 2013


Here are photos that Sister Bullock sent home last week!
Sister Bullock and Sister Lawrence Feb 2013

Sisters in DC Feb 2013

Lincoln Memorial Feb 2013

Sister Bullock and Sister Gros (Before they were companions) Feb 2013

Sisters on the Washington Mall Feb 2013

Rick thinks this is a meteorite 

Natural History Museum Feb 2013

Sister Lawrence and Sister Bullock locked themselves out of their car and had to entertain themselves at a meeting house for several hours Feb 2013
Sisters Lawrence and Bullock Feb 2013- a photo they used for "thank you" cards for their ward
at a Zone meeting

Same zone meeting Feb 2013

I think this was an elder's "death" picture before he returned home

A fun photo in the baptismal font - the zone at a zone meeting Feb 2013

Sister Bullock trying to teach  a new convert how to tie a tie

She said she kinda failed haha
New Convert Michael, Sister Bullock, and investigator Jessica Feb 2013

Ready to leave the White Oak area

Sister Gros in their Bowie apartment Feb 2013

The work station - Sister Bullock's on the right

Sister Bullock on Kelsey street

Sister Bullock with Sister Harper

Cleaning the font for Scott's baptism

Oh no, a spider!!!

I don't think Sister Bullock likes spiders!

Sister Gros cleaning the font

Sister Bullock went on an exchange to the Spanish program.  At the end of the night she walked through the door like this....Hispanics love giving the missionaries a beverage.

All the beverages she collected that night!

Sister Bullock leaves her testimony on any and every chalkboard she finds!  :)
Scott's baptism March 2013

Washington Monument March 2013

Sisters Bullock and Gros March 2013

My favorite (mom's note)
Sister Bullock celebrating her birthday early with Sister Gros

Sister Gros made crepes (she's from France) and Sister Bullock brought her cake to a district breakfast

Sister Gros and Sister Bullock's companion unity item....Sister Bullock's is on the right

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