Sunday, April 21, 2013

Service opportunities....Letter April 17, 2013

Hey there!
This week was so good, but so awful at the same time! Good because we were able to work with a lot of less actives, awful because we taught 2 lessons all week! WHAT? That's so bad! But people have their agency...
But, we met with Scott #2. We taught him the Plan of Salvation with 2 recently returned missionaries present. It was awesome. So powerful! Then he surprised us (and himself) and actually came to church on Sunday! He LOVED church! We were so excited :)
Cheryl is doing alright. We met with her and discussed her biggest challenges (some of the commandments she needs to live before baptism), and it looked like she just didn't have the desire to stop any of them. So yesterday, we were planning on having a drop talk with her (basically just telling her that we weren't going to meet with her anymore) and then she completely surprised us and said she had signed up for the relief society activity that night! So we kept her in our teaching puddle and decided to fast with her on Thursday. So hopefully we'll see progress there.
Mandy backed off. We haven't been able to meet with her. Her husband wants to come back to church, but wants to come with Mandy, and he doesn't want to push her into doing anything she doesn't want to do. Kind of frustrating, but not much we can do.

Serving breakfast at the food bank April 2013

Serving by doing yard work
Sisters Lavrentyeva and Bullock in car April 2013

Service opportunities continue to pop up :) We clean up a lot of yards and the other day we served breakfast at the food bank! It was so fun :) I attached some pictures of that! I'm loving the warm weather and all the service I get to do because of it :)
Time is running short so let me just throw his in here: This morning I was reading Alma 5 and I absolutely LOVE this chapter. Seriously! (Okay, honestly, I love every chapter in the Book of Mormon, but I loved this one so much today.) So, I recommend that you all go read it! Okay? Then return and report what you learned! (Okay, you don't have to do that, but some insights could be cool.)
Oh hey, one last thing! Pray for missionary opportunities this week, then tell me what happens :)
Kay, I think that's it! Love you all thanks for everything!!
<3 Sister Bullock

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