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Letter dated April 3, 2013

More dancing on the Washington Mall April 2013
Ha, thank you so much (everyone) for the Easter packages and cards and such! It totally made Easter fun and special :) So thank you!!!

The work in Bowie is going great! Cheryl is progressing nicely. She told us yesterday that believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet!! YAY! She also committed to watch Conference with a specific question in mind :) This is big for her! Mandy is doing well also. She didn't make it to church on Sunday, but that's okay. She has a desire to be baptized and I'm confident that it will happen this transfer :) She needs to be sealed to her family! We also started teaching a man named Scott :)  Funny, right? (Mom's note:  Her last baptism was a man named Scott) I think so. Anyway, he's the sweetest, kindest, most charitable man I've ever met. He's sincere, too. He is unsure about his relationship with God and Christ, and we told him we could help him with that. So we are :) He will be on date by Saturday!! So excited! But... those are all of our investigators. Everyone else moved or dropped us. Not cool. So now we're working hard to find more people to teach. the warmer weather should help us do that :) Yay spring! I love Bowie!!! 

I'm happy to report that Sister Lavrentyeva and I are working quite well together :) She's great! I just needed to stop being so prideful and such... I still need to do that, haha. But it's great! I really love being companions with her! She's wonderful!
Sisters Bullock and Lavrentyva on the Washington Mall April 2013
OH! We finally have a 19 year old Sister in our mission. Sister Owens from Mesa, Arizona. Cool, huh? We have tons of 18 year old Elders, but they're not important ;)

Kate went through the temple!!! (Mom's note:  Kate Woolley is Kelsey's cousin.  She'll be serving in the New York, Utica Mission)  That's so exciting! Please tell her congratulations for me! And if she has any questions about mission life or whatever, let me know! I want to help her in some way :) Or, just tell her I love her and that I'm proud of her! The mission is the best!!!

What else... We went to the city today to see the cherry blossoms. They weren't out yet :( My one chance to see the beautiful blossoms is gone. But hopefully they'll still be around at the end of the month when we go to the Nationals Game.
Another visit to the Washington Mall April 2013

Mmm... Oh, no more headaches. Thanks for your concern :)
7 months this month. Weird, eh?

Oh, how about this story! So Monday, we spent a good portion of the day baking cupcakes, decorating cupcakes, and decorating the plates for cupcakes, and attaching scriptures to the plates. SO much time! But it was worth it. Every single less active we took the cupcakes to was home! So we got to contact all of those people and help them come closer to Christ! It was so great :) I love being a missionary and witnessing little miracles like this! The mission is the best.

(Mom's note about the above picture: Kelsey sent this to us with this explanation, "This is how we spent my birthday!  We went around handing these cards out to all of the people with March birthdays in the ward!  It was so fun!  I loved watching their faces light up - especially if they haven't been to church in a while.  Everyone just loved the thought of someone remembering their birthday :)  The mission is the best!)

General Conference is this weekend!!! YAY!!!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait to hear everyone speak! It's no small thing that we get to hear the Prophet of the Lord speak to us every 6 months. Now here comes your challenge. It's nothing new, but I've never done it so I want you to do it with me! Form a specific question that you need an answer to, pray about it, ponder it, take it to General Conference. I've been promised that if we do this, we will receive the answer we need in one of the sessions! How cool is that?? Who's in?

LDS General Conference April 6th and 7th
Anyway, this letter is really long now... Haha. Mama should like that :) (Mom's note: Yup!!  :D)
I love you all! Thank you so much for the love and support! Stay strong and faithful!
<3 Sister Bullock

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