Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sister Bullock's letter dated 12/12/12...

Sister Bullock in the DC Temple Visitors Center
Christus Statue DC Temple Visitors Center

Okay, so we have limited time to write today but there are a few things I want to share :)
First of all, I LOVE working in the Visitors Center every night! It's awesome! I love seeing the Sister's every day and meeting tons of new people! In fact, one of my stories this week is from a night at Festival! It was towards the end of the night when I noticed this man sitting in front of the Christus, staring off into space and fiddling with a program. I felt that I needed to talk to him so I walked over and asked if anyone had played the Christus narration for him. He said that would be nice to listen to and thanked me. So I turned it on and sat next to him. There's a time in the narration when it says "Let not your heart be troubled" and the Spirit whispered "Help him!" So after it finished, he started to stand while thanking me, and I stopped him. I said, "I don't normally ask this in the Visitor Center, but what can I do to help you?" Then I noticed he was crying. He said, "I'm just very troubled, and I need God in my life." then he continued to tell me that he's been in the church for a number of years, and something about "going where the Lord takes me". And I was about to start bearing my testimony and he stands up and literally runs out of the building. And it just really tore my heart apart! I felt like I needed to help this man, but that I hadn't. I really just was not a peace with it at all. Then 20 minutes later, as I was talking to the Director of the Visitors Center, he came back in! He found me and said, "I wanted to apologize for being foolish. I came in here seeking help tonight, and when you offered to help, I turned you down. Will you pray for my family?" He then gave me his name, his wife's name, and his phone number. He didn't give me any specifics but I was so happy to see him take that step of faith and turn to the Lord while asking for help! Truly it was the highlight of my week!

Sister Wong and Sister Bullock (President Lincoln in the background)
Second thing! A big thank you to everyone who has agreed to help me out with Sister Wong's Christmas gift :) I really appreciate it, and I'm sure she will to :) You are all so amazing!!

Next! I have been out on my mission for exactly 3 months today! That's 1/6 of my mission! That's insane, isn't it!? I can't believe how weird time is on the mission!
Anyway, I love you all! Thank you for your love and support!
Love, Sister Bullock
Ps. Scripture of the day!! 2 Nephi 22:2 :)
2Nephi 22:2    Behold, God is my salvation; I will atrust, and not be afraid; for the Lord bJehovah is my cstrength and my dsong; he also has become my salvation.

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