Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sister Bullock's letter dated Dec 19, 2012

Oh my goodness this week has been amazing! We've had some setbacks, but I feel like this week was actually progress for me! Michael didn't get baptized simply because he didn't think he was ready (he wants to attend church more regularly), but he has a new date of January 13th! His grandmother's birthday! We dropped Nabil because he hasn't been keeping any of his commitments or reading or praying or anything. But we kept Little John because he is the coolest 10 year old ever! And we recommitted him to be baptized, but this time on the 6th of January! He's super excited! I wish I could report more about my area, but I have like maybe 4 hours a week in it... It's sad, but I LOVE working at the Visitors Center every night!

Sister Bullock in the Visitors Center

Visitors Center Sisters receive training

It's fun to see all the Sisters, and then to meet all sorts of new people! I love stories and I love the stories people tell (no wonder I'm a history major...), and it's just so fun to sit and listen to stories every night, then relate them to the gospel and watch the Light of Christ shine in their eyes. Best thing ever! Yesterday I was able to work the Paul Cardall show! He is amazing! And super talented! I loved his performance! If you haven't heard his stuff, you should look him up! His parents serve here at the Visitors Center with me so it's super fun! 

Paul Cardell

I've also come to realize why I was called to serve in this mission. I'm here because of the Visitors Center. This is my purpose. It's so special and wonderful here! I LOVE being a Visitors Center Sister! Love it! :) I love being a missionary!

DC Temple Visitors Center
Oh! I forgot to mention how grateful I am for the knowledge I have of the Plan of Salvation. It brings me great comfort in this tough time. I haven't heard a lot about the shootings in Connecticut, but I've heard enough to know that it's awful and tragic. My heart goes out to those families :(

Anyway, I love and miss you all! Stay strong and faithful! And have a Merry Christmas!!!
Love, Sister Bullock


  1. My favorite part of a DC Christmas was the nativity displays from around the world. Isn't amazing to see representation of the love of the Savior that is felt from so many? AND to think of the far greater number who have yet to learn of the great plsn of salvation and the gift of a Redeemer! - Thank-you for serving!!

  2. My favorite part of a DC Christmss is the natibity displays from around the world. It is amazing to see how many there are who love the Savior! AND to think that there are so many more who have no knowlege of the grest plan of happiness OR their Redeemer! - Thank-you for serving!!