Sunday, December 9, 2012


Some of the latest photos from Sister Bullock:

Sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial

Sister Wong and Sister Bullock

Sister Bullock and Sister Miller

Watching the sun rise from the Lincoln Memorial towards the Washington Monument
 Having some fun....jumping

Sister Bullock, Sister Word, Sister Wong, and Sister Miller

Vietnam Memorial

Sister Bullock in front of the White House

Sister Wong and Sister Bullock

Sister Bullock teaching a rather "stiff" investigator

Sister Bullock took this picture for our favorite Harry Potter fan, Sierra

Sister Bullock and Sister Wong knocking on Mount Vernon Square's giant door  I wonder if someone will answer?
Nope, no one is home
Helping the Salvation Army get ready for a huge Thanksgiving dinner

Sister Bullock's name tag is part of a new missionary display at the Washington DC Temple Visitors Center

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