Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sister Bullock's letter March 6, 2013

Sister Bullock on Kelsey Street!
Hello everyone!
Bowie is great! Aaaaand now it's cold, snowy and rainy. Just when we thought spring had arrived, we got hit with a winter storm, haha. Oh well, such is life. The work is still great and I'm loving every moment of it! SCOTT IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY!!! We're susper excited for him! And anytime you mention his baptism, his face lights up like he's a dog with a ball! It's so funny! And so proud of him :) I'll send pictures next week! I also got a letter from Michael (my recent convert in White Oak) telling me that he received the priesthood a couple of weeks ago! I'm so proud of him :) It's a big step!
Vanessa, Rebecca and Cheryl are all doing well :) Rachman is going to be good too when we have an actual lesson with him, haha. we also started teaching a lady named Joanie. She's cool! She used to be a nun, so conversations with her are great. We also got a referral last night, and when we talked to her, she said "I just want to be a member of your church. I don't need anything else." Cool, huh?
I'm learning alot and having a lot of fun while doing it :) Yesterday, I had to tell my zone why the Atonement is so meaningful to me. This has been something I have not been able to put into words. Ever. But I realized that because of the Atonement, I know I have worth. I have value. I can be confident. I can be bold. I can have friends. I can be happy. I can let myself be comforted by the Holy Ghost. Without my Savior, I wouldn't know any of these things. I wouldn't have them. Christ literally saved my life and my soul. I'm eternally grateful to Him. I'm here in Bowie, MD to tell everyone here about this wonderful gift that has been given to us. That we don't have to suffer, or bare our burdens alone. Christ has already taken that upon himself. Right now is a really big trial of my faith. There are somethings that are really hard for me to deal with while I'm so far away, but I know that I can turn to Christ, and my burdens will be made light. I don't have to do it alone.
Please turn to your Father in Heaven in prayer. He will comfort and guide you. He will hold you up and keep you going. Over and over in the scriptures we read, "Fear not". We have no need to fear when we have God on our side.
I love you all and I miss you dearly. Thank you for everything you do for me!
All my love,
Sister Bullock
Sister Gros in their apartment

Sister Gros and Sister Bullock's work area


  1. Hi, im writing this from all the way over in Australia and i just have to say that reading your experiences as a missionry for the church really puts a smile on my face and keeps me hopeful for my future. It has shown me how much missions can change people and gives me a warm feeling of hope and anticipation for what might be in-store for me if i decide to serve. Keep up the great work,because i love reading these posts and they really help me to feel the spirit.


    1. Creole,
      Thanks for letting me know that you enjoy Sister Bullock's blog! Good luck on your mission preparation - if you choose to serve. Sister Bullock loves her mission!