Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sister Bullock gets a new companion...March 20, 2013

Hi there :)
Let's start with the big news first, eh? Transfers!! Well, I'm still in Bowie! I'm really happy about that! But!! They moved Sister Gros!! Now I'm senior companion (AHHHHHH!) to a wonderful Sister from Russia! Her name is Sister Lavrentyeva (Luv-rent-chi-va)! I'm so excited to be with her :) It will be a great transfer! I know titles really don't mean anything, but I'm freaking out a little about being senior companion... I didn't think I was ready (I still don't think I'm ready), but as we know, it's what the Lord wants that matters. As long as He is on my side and I remain faithful, anything is possible. So ready or not, here we go :)

Scott is doing well :) He was confirmed last week and prayed at the Why I Believe fireside at the Visitors Center! And he's teaching the Gospel Principles lesson this week (apparently it's tradition in this ward...). He's super excited about it :)

Cheryl is continuing to prepare for her baptism. I'll be honest, I got really frustrated with her our last meeting... I just know how much better her life will be once she lets go of her "little/ favorite" sins, that it drives me crazy that she doesn't want to give them up yet! AH! But, we'll work on that. I'll definitely be praying for patience and charity.

Jason and Mandy are doing well. We'll hopefully be putting Mandy on date for baptism tomorrow :) I love that little family so much! Last night, Jason played us a song he wrote, and it was all about returning to live with Heavenly Father as a family and whatnot :) So cool! I hope I get to go to the temple with them (that would require coming back to the mission, I think).
We are teaching some other people, too. It's a little too soon to tell what's happening with them, but I'll keep you updated. :)

The Lord is always giving us opportunities to grow and become better. I think that this transfer will be one of growth for sure. I'm not good with words, or with conversations. I'm awkward and weird. But this past transfer I've learned that it's okay. As long as I'm doing what I'm supposed to and I have the spirit with me, the Lord will make up the difference. "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing." (Joseph Smith) I'm so grateful for this opportunity that I have to go out and share the truth with everyone I see! The mission has blessed my life so much! And I'm learning more and more everyday! It's the best and I really, really love it!

Anyway, I'm just blabbing now :) I love you and miss you all! Stay strong and faithful!
Love, Sister Bullock

PS Thank you so much for the birthday package!! I really loved everything in it! (Yes, I opened it last night because Sister Gros wanted to celebrate my birthday with me, haha) The photo album was so fun to look at!! I love it, I love it, I love it!  ( Mom's note:  Thank you to everyone who sent photos!!)

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