Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pictures!!!! :)

Here are some picture from over the past couple of months.....Enjoy!

Sister Bullock and Sister Wong teaching Michael

Taken during the mission tour with Elder Packer of the 70

Sister Bullock and Sister Wankier eating a Chinese lunch in honor of their Chinese Sisters Wong and Lin

Sister Wong and Sister Bullock at lunch
The Chinese Sisters Lin and Wong
Sister Wong and Sister Bullock taking pictures for their Christmas Card

Christmas came a tad early...Dec 23rd
Sister Wong getting her hair done on Christmas Eve morning by Lucie

The finished hair dos by Lucie

The back of Sister Bullock's hair
Sister Wong with Lucie's family

Sister Bullock with Lucie's family
The view from Sister Bullock's apartment Christmas Eve morning.  Snow was falling, but not sticking

Sisters Bullock and Holt on Christmas Eve
The Visitors Center Sisters celebrate Christmas Eve together

Sister Bullock and friends
Christmas PJs!!!
Christmas Day celebration with the entire mission

Sister Bullock, Sister Wong and Elder Olsen

Christmas Day fun
Sister Bullock's zone sings on Christmas Day

Sister Wong and Sister Bullock enjoy some Chinese food on their last Pday before Sister Wong returns to Hong Kong
The last night of the Festival of Lights
When missionaries are going home, they take a "death" photo.  This is Sister Miller's Death picture: Death by EFY

Sister Wong before her "death"

Sister Wong's death photo
Christmas Bubble Tea

Eating lunch at the church building

Sister Lawrence

Waiting for the Olsen's (the visitor center directors) they were having a surprise good-bye luncheon for them

I love the triple photo bomb!
Sister Bullock with the Olsen's
Sister Wankier, Sister Bullock, Micheal, and Sister Lawrence at Micheal's baptism

Sister Bullock with Micheal (she got to give an impromptu talk)
Making cupcakes for ward members birthdays

Snow Jan 24, 2013

Sister Bullock and Sister Lawrence enjoying bubble tea

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