Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm out of White Oak! And out of the Visitor's Center!! Yep, I'm full-pros for the next 5 weeks! Oh yeah, and this transfer is only 5 weeks long! AND! I'm in the Suitland Zone, which until today was all Elders. Now Sister Gros (from France) and I are opening a new area down there! Bowie West (it's at the very bottom of our mission)! We're so excited!! It's just going o be so awesome! I'll miss the Visitor's Center, but I'll get to go there every Friday for training meeting... So it'll be okay. So mail might be a little weird, too. but I don't know. It'll work out and it will be awesome! I'M SO EXCITED!
This week has been good. Sister Lawrence and I found out that she's training back on Friday, so I've been preparing to leave since then. I told Michael I was leaving and he cried! For a long time! And he gave me a card! And he came to our event at the Visitor's Center last night. He's so sweet and tender-hearted! I know the new sisters will take good care of him, but I'll still permission to write him :) I'm going to miss White Oak area!
Friday has a funny story to it... Sister Lawrence and I spent 5 hours at our stake center because we locked our keys in our car, haha. And we had to wait for the AP's to bring the spare keys to us. Oops :) BUT! It was good because we were able to get a new investigator to meet us there and we had a lesson with him. Super cool!
Last night's Visitor's Center event was the monthly Night of Music and Inspiration. It was organized by Sister Gros, and she did a wonderful job. It was so spiritual! Sister Lawrence sang, and I spoke and sang. It was a really great, humbling, and fun experience! I'm grateful I had the opportunity to participate last night!
Mainly I'm just really excited to start working in my new area with new people and to see what the Lord has planned and prepared down there. All I know is that we are in the hands of God, just as it says in Mormon 5. President said it's going to be hard, but that he moved everyone else around because he knew the Lord wanted Sister Gros and I in Bowie. So I say bring it on!
Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day! I love and miss you all! Thank you for the support and mail and packages! You're all so great! Remember your Heavenly Father and turn to Him in all situations! He loves you!
Love, Sister Bullock

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