Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Good Bye Sister Wong....Hello Sister Lawrence


Happy New Year!
Today was transfers! My new companions are awesome! That's right, I'm in a trio! For 2 weeks only, but it's still cool! Sister Lawrence (from Guam) is my senior companion, and Sister Wankier (from Utah) is the other Sister with us. Sister Wankier is training, but her greenie won't be here for another 2 weeks. I guess she had visa problems... She's from Estonia. Should be a fun couple of weeks! I have roommates now! Yay! Sister Wong is on her way back to Hong Kong now... I miss her so terribly already! She was the picture perfect missionary! I love her so much!!

Sister Lawrence

Festival is now officially over. Last night was our last night, and it was great! At first it was a really hard night. No one wanted to talk to me. Or they would talk to me, then walk away mid-sentence. But I was able to talk to this one guy, Lenny. Lenny and I had a great discussion about prophets and the prophetic pattern. He went from being completely against the concept, to very accepting. It was cool to watch. It's amazing to watch the way the Spirit works with people.
I have to admit, I'm slightly relieved to be done with the Festival of Lights. It was a lot of hard work. rewarding, but hard.

I'm excited to go and get back to the hard work in our area! I can't wait to go knock on a few doors or talk to some people at the metro! Last transfer was great, but this one will be busy and fun... And cold! The Lord has great things in store for my companions and me, and for our area! It's just too bad that we never get a chance to catch up on sleep, haha.

I can't believe it's a New Year already! And I just thought of something crazy! I only have like 13 months of my mission left! Where has time gone?? It will be Festival again before I know it! :)

I feel like I should have more to report, but I don't :/ Next week's letter should be better! Let me do some work and then I'll have some good stories for you!

I love you all, and miss you! Thank you for support! And now that I have full p-day's again, you could be getting a letter from me soon :)
Love, Sister Bullock



  1. She is amazing! sounds like she is doing well :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Sister Bullock and her mission with us. She is doing an amazing job.